Tony's Back Pain

I suffered with sciatica pain for approximately 6 months. I am not a believer in covering up my pain with medication, so I began seeking natural cures.

I tried chiropractic, physical therapy, massage, acupuncture, yoga, swimming. All of these gave me temporary relief, but nothing got rid of my pain.

I heard about spinal decompression and tried having my back stretched, but felt that it was causing me more pain following treatment. I did some research and discovered multi-directional disc decompression.

This was different because the doctor was able to customize my treatment specific for my condition. He explained that many people suffer from sciatica, but that it occurs in different areas of the spine. If my pain is on my right side, why should I be treated the same as a person who is suffering with sciatica pain on their left side? This made sense to me.

I felt immediate relief after my first treatment and could not wait to go back for more. After 10 visits, my pain was completely gone and I have not suffered since. -Tony

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