Too Many Diagnoses

I am seventeen years old, and have been suffering from chronic back pain for over eight months now. It went away completely for about two or three weeks and I have recently got it back in my upper back.

I have a family history of cancer. My father had bone cancer when I was born and nearly died from it. His bones grew too fast for his body. Also my mom and dad also have a large bone structure.

I have been seeking help from both physio and chiropractor, and physio seemed to help a bit. What made the pain disappear was fixing my posture. I tend to slouch a lot and by doing physio exercises and straightening my posture really seemed to improve it.

I used to crack my back from left to right creating that loud popping and cracking that was disgusting really. I also stopped doing that, because my doctor said it was not a big deal to crack it, but really all it was doing was increasing the pain. So anyone who reads this, do not crack your back. It caused a lot of trauma for me. It is really scary for me right now, I’m going off to college soon for physiology.

I have been very stressed lately due to the back pain, because it makes me go into depression and i lack the motivation I need. Every time I stretch out my back or fix my posture my back automatically pops or cracks. I still crack my neck, which needs to be stopped also.

My chiropractor was worried and said that my back is not seventeen and that he was not sure if it is muscles or joints. I got an x-ray and nothing was concerned about. I have been on plenty of pain killers, but they don’t seem to help. I also have iliotibial band syndrome in my right hip (clicking of the ligament).

I used to jog about 3 times a week and go to the gym, but due to the sudden pain I haven’t been able to do either. This is even more depressing.

I have had a heavy load of stress in my life. I suffered from a eating disorder for almost two years.  My mother died when I was thirteen from an overdose and I have a step mother who is completely opposite from me.

I have been told I have scoliosis, sciatica and just muscle spasms. No one has been helping me to explain exactly what is happening. So hopefully, i will find out soon and i will be a bit more stress-free so I can enjoy being a teenager, not a 80 year old.


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