Unidentified Back Pain

I started having sharp lower back pains about 2 weeks ago. I went to my MD who sent me to the ER. I was admitted and a CT scan, pelvic exam and pelvic ultrasound, X-ray of chest, several blood tests and urine tests.

After all of these tests and 5 days in the hospital, I was given a lower GI scope, which identified that I have gastritis and that is what the MD's are medicating me for.

Here is my problem, the pain is not getting better and I am having bouts that are knocking me to my knees. I am tired of going to the doctors and feeling like I'm crazy. They are attributing the pain to stress.

Well, I am stressed, but find out what this searing pain is. I am to the point I feel like giving up. I can't pick up my baby without pain, (not from pregnancy as we adopted) and I feel like I am neglecting my life because of the debilitating pain.

I hope someone reads this and can give me some idea of who or where to turn to. - Anita

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