Unresponsive Lower Back Pain

Hi, I am 32 years old. For the past few months, I have been suffering badly with my lower back pain. I'm assuming this the effect of falling few times 10-11 years back. But the pain is still there now.

I had tried many ways to treat my pain. I went the traditional Chinese herbs way by massaging my back, but it doesn't work. First step I did was to change my mattress to coconut fiber, yet the pain remains. I had also stopped carrying heavy stuff. Sadly, I've stopped myself carrying my adorable nephew, too.

After a few months of trying many ways, like hot bag, deep rub cream, massage, nothing works on me. At times the pain will not be there temporary, but only for few hours.

Then I decided to go for an x-ray in the general hospital. The results say there is no split disc or fracture. They suspected tight muscles. They referred  me to do physio therapy once a month. I had been twice for the physio, where they taught me to do stretching. But nothing works on me. Pain remains the same.

I can't sit or stand too long in one position. I can't bend. Now my foot is having pain too. I suspecting it somehow relates to my back.

I'm so glad that I saw this page, which I'm hoping so much could help to cure my pain. I want to have a normal healthy life without any pain, which reflects on my work performance and my activities daily. I'm working in an office, sitting most of the time.

I really hope my pain will be cured fast. I need help on this. Regards, Lina

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