Upper Back Pain Information

Looking for some upper back pain information and advice written by fellow patients with real stories to tell? You came to the right place! Maybe you want to share your story also… Please include:

* Background to your thoracic symptoms.
* Diagnostic history, including MRI or X-ray reports
* Treatment summary and results
* Did you find relief? Are you still in pain?
* What effect does upper back pain have on your life?

Writing about your back pain story might be therapeutic for you and will also provide other patients with information which might just lead them to a real cure for their own suffering.

Upper Back Pain Story Guidelines

Please submit your article on the back pain story form. The article should be about a page long, but can be longer if you would like to write more. Thank you. The stories below were all written and submitted by actual upper pain sufferers. The content reflects the experiences and opinions of the author.

Your Stories

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