Upper Back Pulled Muscle

I am a 33 yr old male. In high school, I was a 4 sport star athlete. Since about the age of 21, my activity level slowed to a crawl while raising a family and working a job with almost no physical aspects to it. I gained about 30 lbs and became badly out of shape.

In January 2010, I started using a treadmill and doing pushups and situps daily. I also began playing in a volleyball league. After one Sunday evening game, I noticed what I thought was a slightly pulled muscle in my upper back near my right shoulder blade. I always take time to stretch well before and after any type of athletic event, but for the next week no matter how I stretched, I couldn't seem to get any relief to this pain.

Then one morning about 10 days after this occurred, I rolled out of bed and felt a paralyzing effect. My back was so spasmed, I could not hardly move and my wife was even going to call 911.

I saw a chiropractor that day and his treatment helped some. After 2 days, I could move freely and went back to work. I took it easy for a few days and started feeling better. Then the next day at work, I simply twisted a little as I got up off my stool and it hit me again. A coworker had to drive me to the doctor's office. They gave me a shot for the pain and prescribed me some muscle relaxers.

I took 3 days off work and was still very sore, so I went to a different Dr. They took x-rays and said everything looked ok. He had me do some physical therapy; mainly some stretching and light weight-lifting to strengthen the muscle group that seemed to be affected.

I did all this for 6 weeks like I was supposed to and felt great. I then resumed my treadmill use, but not the pushups or situps. I also resumed my full duties at work, which yesterday included unloading a load of very heavy truck tires. I felt fine afterwards.

Today I was weed eating my yard and after about 45 minutes of this I pulled on the started cord and, yep, you guessed it. My back spasmed again in that same area. It is not nearly as bad this time, but still I am in quite a bit of pain and discomfort.

I coach softball, so this is really really putting a serious cramp on my lifestyle. I just want to be able to do what I need to do in everyday life. I am not an 80 year old man and feel I should not be having this much trouble with this. Any advice is greatly appreciated. - Scott

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