Vitiligo Related Back Pain

I am a fifty four year old man. I have been suffering from vitiligo for the past 20 years and since then i have been slowly experiencing all over body pain, numbness in my fingers, joint pains, also cramps in my legs and thighs.

Lately this condition has been pressuring my state of mind to the extent that I have been lead to believe by my doctors that I needed to see a psychiatrist, with them claiming that I was mentally stressed and that I needed to take anti-depressant medication. I underwent medication and things became more complicated, as I had to stop working and this jeopardized my position in my business.

I then felt more insecure, as what I had built up in my life was slowly melting away. Now, I have decided to give up on medication and try to face the problem myself.

Although I am still out of work, and it is too early to confirm my achievement, I think that I have found the best cure to my situation. I feel better, since I have managed to accept my position and try to live as normal as possible, doing the things I like doing most, even if they are physically stressing.

I have put my mind and energy on creativity, something that gives me a lot of satisfaction and also started a new relationship with a partner who understands me and helps me overcome the difficult moments.

I am sure that I still need to experience pain, but I am ready for it mentally and am also sure to minimize the suffering.  - Albert

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