Will Back Pain Ever End?

My name is Shane and I am 35 years old. Today, I am suffering through an acute back pain attack that happened last night while putting on my shoes. This is probably my 5th big one in my history of lower back pain.

The first episode of acute back pain occurred in college in 1995. I was just bending over to pick something up and wham! The most pain I had ever felt in my life brought me to my knees. I didn't know what was happening. My roommate freaked out because I was screaming in agony.  He thought I was having a heart attack or something. Anyway, we went to the ER, they gave me a shot of cortisone and I was on my way home shortly after.

In 2005, I started seeing a chiropractor for some minor back pain I was having, which turned out to not work for me. My next major back outage didn't occur until 2006, when one day I was lifting something heavy in the backyard and the same thing happened. I laid on the ground for a few minutes, got up and went into the house and sat down for a while. I went to bed that night, and had to get up about 1 AM to use the bathroom and the pain was so excruciating that I literally almost passed out. My whole body started shaking and I started shivering uncontrollably for about 10 minutes or so (my body must have been reacting to the pain).

My wife drove me to the ER right away.  They x-rayed it, found nothing, but gave me a morphine IV, and prescribed some pain killers and I went home. I took about a week off of work because I could barely move. I then had a MRI done and they found two minor herniated disks in my lower back.

My doctor recommended physical therapy, so I enlisted in the program. I completed the program in about 8 weeks and then started their monthly maintenance program which I have been doing from then until present.

One year ago (June 2008), while still on the maintenance program, I had another back outage, not as severe as the previous, but a close second. I went to the ER again and they gave me the same treatment as before (morphine IV).

I then continued with the monthly maintenance program until December 2008; then decided to take 3 months off. Well about 3 weeks ago (March 2009), I had another back outage, which I would rate a 7 out of 10 as far as pain. Which brings us to the 5th outage I had last night.

It seems to be getting worse and more frequent and I really don't know what to do about it. It's getting really frustrating, depressing, scary, you name it. I really have no idea what to do about it at this point. I've considered trying one of those back devices, but each time I get ready to buy one of those, I change my mind because of all the negative reviews I read. - Shane

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