Your Brain Controls Your Body

I injured myself and was told I would need to fuse two vertebrae. I am sure the doctors were well intentioned, just ignorant. Doctors specialize in illness. They really do not know what health is. When I was pre-med, it was this attitude which caused me to not go to medical school and look for what health was.

In the case of my back, I looked for information about what Good posture was and How to have healthy movement. There is no information, or wasn't at the time. I had two ruptured discs and three broken ribs. So I began to play around with parts of yoga, tai-chi and some martial arts I had studied, but could not even sit up, so everything I did was lying down.

I stumbled on the answer. Using movements and teaching your motor cortex can completely change your posture. Over the years I spent perfecting my work, I have found it is the only thing which provides lasting results. First think about what a tight muscle is. It is a muscle you are contracting and do not know how to turn off. The muscle does not contract itself. Your motor cortex is contracting the muscle. So any change you want to make needs to be made inside your motor cortex.

Stretching and exercises or a chiropractor or massage can offer some temporary relief, but to make a permanent change you need to change how your motor cortex understands and operates your muscles. The difficulty with yoga, tai chi and similar things is you are kneeling, sitting or standing. There are over a thousand muscle groups involved in standing. Too much information. It would be like trying to learn a new language with 50 people all talking to you at the same time.

My work teaches you about areas and how they are engineered not in a theoretical way, but through moving and experiencing. Each of these movements takes about an hour to learn and the changes each make are profound. As you learn more and the weave together different parts, your motor cortex develops very rich, complete remembered action memory sets. These are in your subconscious which is they way your motor cortex operates.

You don't have to think about doing something, you naturally do it, just they way some people naturally learned to stand and move correctly as children. For many years people have asked me to make my work more readily available to others. My daughter finally a few years ago convinced me. I will have a DVD set of 14 movements available in a month or two.

I would be happy to have some advice on how to get this out to the world in the best way.

Thanks for reading. - Frank

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