All About Lower Back Pain

Our most basic advice for every patient is to learn all about lower back pain, if they have any real hope of finding a real and permanent cure.  Lumbar back pain is most often known as a torturous, enduring condition and statistics show that patients who have serious pain after a year are more likely to battle dorsopathy for life than they are of ever recuperating. This should be one of the scariest things you have ever read, and if not, read the statement again and truly consider the implications of a lifetime of agonizing pain.

Remember that medical science is so involved in treating lower back pain, but can not seem to cure it in the hundreds of millions it affects around the world.

Everything About Lower Back Pain

I have devoted my life to learning about back ache and providing help to the seemingly endless number of poor souls who are affected by the ravages of chronic pain in all its forms. I feel very lucky to have survived my own decades long fight against chronic pain and know that the odds were not stacked in my favor. I consider it a karmic debt to be available to help all of you who still suffer. Here are my recommendations for every person ravaged by lumbar back pain:

Do not simply follow a single doctor’s recommendation without question.  This will likely be your downfall. Misdiagnosis is rampant in the back pain industry.  Instead, respect your doctor’s advice, but seek a second or third opinion

Additionally, do tons of independent research on your own, to learn all about your diagnosed condition. Look for inconsistencies between the expected symptoms of the diagnosed source of your pain and the actual symptoms you are suffering. This is one of the best ways to discover if the cause of your pain has indeed been mistakenly identified. 

Do not become a puppet to symptomatic back pain treatment.  These methods will never cure you. They are not even designed to cure. They are designed to make the care provider money and stop complaints from patients. In essence, they shut you up and make your doctor rich, at the expense of your terrible suffering.

About Lower Back Pain Lessons

Here is some information about low back ache which you may not even know:

The common spinal abnormalities most often blamed for causing lumbar back pain have not been proven to be the cause of symptoms in the vast majority of patients. In fact, there is little, if any, correlation between most of these structural issues and the occurrence of any pain. This includes the most common diagnoses of lumbar herniated disc, lumbar degenerative disc disease and lumbar osteoarthritis.

True structurally-induced back pain generally responds very well to appropriate treatment. Pain which is chronically treatment-resistant is almost always misdiagnosed, regardless of any coincidental structural abnormality it may be mistakenly blamed upon. 

Lower back pain is a literal epidemic, affecting up to 9 out of 10 adults at some point in life. It is also one of the most profitable medical industries. This is no coincidence. 

Doctors look for structural reasons on which to blame low back pain, since treatment is so lucrative and most of these spinal issues are common, or even universal, in the general population. 

Here is the scariest fact of all: Patients who have serious low back pain, regardless of the suspected source, but do not seek any treatment at all, recover far faster and more completely than patients who seek any type of care. This is unacceptable. This is criminal. This fact really hammers home the lack of enlightenment in the modern medical system.

About Lower Back Pain Wake-Up Call

This article does not describe some far-out conspiracy theory about lower back pain. It simply tells the truth of the matter; the truth of suffering without hope.

Doctors like treating lumbar back pain. Continuing therapy makes them lots and lots of money. 

Doctors blame many coincidental spinal abnormalities for pain, since these conditions can be verified by diagnostic imaging and most patients will accept the explanation, without question. 

Doctors also know that the nocebo effect of a positive structural diagnosis will keep a fearful patient in treatment long-term, allowing them to truly make a financial killing. The exceptions to the rule are the few care providers who have taught that back pain is grossly misunderstood, and more importantly, mismanaged. These doctors really want to help. 

What else could possibly explain why the great and powerful medical juggernaut has created hundreds of treatments, for hundreds of diagnosed conditions, yet has effectively cured none of them? In fact, invasive treatment statistically makes matters worse for patients, more often than it helps.

I do not have the answer to curing back pain universally. I can only recognize the problem with the diagnostic process and the current treatments typically utilized. I can certainly inform you that many patients have found lasting relief, using some traditional methods of care and others from the alternative medicine sector. A huge number of patients have found a permanent cure using our propriety pain relief program.

Don’t give up hope, but do get realistic if you ever want to join the small group of people who can say that their low back pain has been truly cured.

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