Diversity of Back Ache Conditions

Back Ache

Back ache is often actually or perceptually related to events, activities or circumstances which the patient soon realizes might have positive or negative effects on their symptoms. In essence, patients feel that some things might cause or worsen their pain, while others might help relieve it.

Pain in the back is one of the most common health complaints regardless of age, occupation, gender or health. Back pain has become a real problem in the last 50 years. In fact, the situation has become critical, as the epidemic continues to grow more each year.

There is a huge array of painful conditions theorized to cause symptoms in the back and spine. Many of these conditions are related to age, injury or lifestyle factors. Regardless of the type of back ache you have, I bet you would do almost anything to be rid of it.

Back Ache Causes

Back pain is sometimes the result of an injury or degenerative process. These forms of pain usually react positively to appropriate medical or alternative treatment. Other times, an apparent physical injury can actually just be a trigger for a mindbody pain condition to begin. This is one of the most common types of psychological back pain. The physical incident creates a convincing reason for a psychoemotionally-induced pain condition to commence.

Many spinal abnormalities are virtually universal in the general population. These conditions are often blamed for sourcing the huge variety of pain conditions reported by patients around the world. However, research clearly shows that these same irregularities typically do not create any discomfort, so it is difficult to imagine that the vast number of back ache scapegoats usually implicated in the symptomatic expression are guilty in most cases.

Some particularly bad spinal conditions can surely cause pain, but many simply exist and are not causative or contributory in any way. Even for patients who do have purely structurally-induced pain, it is always worth considering the potential emotional contributors, if lasting relief can not be achieved.

Types of Back Ache

Back pain comes in countless forms.  The following discussions help readers to focus-in on specific types of pain that might affect their lives.

Military back pain and veterans back pain are known to occur during or after active duty in the armed forces.

Cancer back pain might exist from tumors, other disease-related factors or even as a side-effect of cancer treatment.    

Pain during sex is a common complaint for men and women alike.\Learn more about back pain sex and how to enjoy a satisfying love life, despite dorsalgia.

Smoking back pain may occur due to coughing or structural damage caused by the toxic chemicals in cigarettes.

Coughing back pain is a sad result of many chronic respiratory and pulmonary disorders. Many patients also suffer this type of symptomology when they have influenza.

Morning back pain often occurs the moment a patient gets out of bed in the AM.

Holiday back pain is an unexpected result of physical or emotional stress during festive occasions. Holidays account for a large percentage of emergency room back ache visits.

Obesity back pain can occur from being height and weight disproportionate. Meanwhile, the simple occurrence of overweight back pain has reached epidemic levels in modern society.

Whiplash neck pain is the usual result of certain types of automobile collisions, but can also occur due to falls and sports injuries.

Sitting back pain is the bane of most people who suffer from lumbar issues and sciatica. Some patients can not sit at all without significant discomfort.

Driving back pain is a particularly cruel version of seated pain, most often affecting people who must drive often or for long distances.

Bending back pain describes one of the more common patient citations regarding the commencement of symptoms.

Standing back pain is typically linked to spinal stenosis, although other causes of standing discomfort are certainly possible.

Elderly back pain is much less commonplace than one might think, proving that many degenerative conditions do not inherently create symptoms.

Back pain in children is heartbreaking, but youthful anatomies can often recover much better than adults, as long as treatment is enlightened. Teen back pain is actually very common, due to physical and psychoemotional causations that are normally ingrained in the maturation process.

Back pain in athletes can occur due to purely anatomical, purely psychogenic or combination scenarios.

Sleeping back pain can cause chronic fatigue, cognitive disorders and true suffering.

Back pain lying down  may occur in certain positions or might prevent comfortable reclining in virtually any posture. 

Work-related back pain is a major cause of worker absenteeism and may even lead to the complete inability to work in a given vocation.

Desk job back pain is a growing trend that has derailed many office careers.

Repetitive stress back pain is most often linked to work activities, recurrent physical exertions and certain types of hobbies and leisure pastimes.

Slip and fall back pain can cause terrible injury and often results in civil litigation.

Poor posture back pain may exist from anatomical positioning that is too straight or too slouched.

Hypermobile joint back pain is a rare occurrence that is sometimes seen when a person is affected by joints that move beyond typical ranges of motion, often resulting in soft tissue or vertebral injury over time.

Delayed onset back pain is a fascinating subject, usually related to acute injury. Delayed onset symptoms might occur due to purely physical reasons, purely psychological origins or a combination of both factors working hand-in-hand.

Snow shoveling back pain can make winter time an added misery for people who are injured during snow removal efforts.

Back pain when breathing is a frightening symptom that leads many patients straight to the local hospital for evaluation.

Some readers write to us complaining of back pain when raining, humid or due to low barometric pressure. We have investigated this topic from a first hand perspective and found the occurrence to be valid from certain scientific points of view.

Back pain from fallen arches remains a controversial theory of dorsalgia causation. Although some care providers commonly diagnose flat feet back pain, others believe the diagnosis to be bogus in most case profiles.

Back pain from Morton's foot is a very controversial diagnostic theory.

Back pain from sneezing is a common trigger that can cause acute presentations for a diversity of reasons.

Why is back pain in tall people more common and more severe than in shorter people?

Mobile phone back pain is a growing problem in modern society with serious consequences.

Did you recently experience back pain after a massage? We explain why, as well as providing tips to avoid this discomfort next time.

Back pain caused by surgery is a major problem, with many patients being negatively affected by various surgical procedures.

Coronavirus back pain is now a very hot topic, with many people experiencing symptoms due to the worldwide Covid-19 pandemic.

Can you develop back pain from wearing high heels? Yes, in fact, you can!

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Solutions for Back Ache

Back pain is hell. I am 100% sure of this fact due to my own experience of suffering with horrific symptoms for more than 3 decades now. My spine is a complete disaster. I have a total of 12 bulging or herniated discs, large areas of disc desiccation and some moderate to severe arthritic change at this stage of life. I have lots of pain issues, but mostly I function quite well, despite it all.

There are few, if any conditions that have the same consequences on a person’s health, mobility, emotions, and outlook on life. Back ache brought me to some truly dark places and uncovered parts of my soul that I would never like to see again. The desperation, anxiety and pure suffering sourced from this torture are things no one can understand unless they have lived through it themselves.

I have learned so much from my years of agony. I have become obsessed with the desire to learn all the facts about why back pain is such a cure-resistant condition for most people. I have discovered many of the reasons why some patients never get better. I am lucky enough to have found a some measure of relief and now consider it my life’s work to share this knowledge with as many patients as possible.

When I started, I thought that if I could help to cure just 1 person, it would be worthwhile. Now, much time has passed and The Cure Back Pain Network has helped millions of people worldwide to find information which helped them in their quest for back ache relief. All the effort has been so incredibly worthwhile and I still feel that same fulfillment every time I receive a thank you letter from a reader. I have just begun to fight.

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