Misery of Unresolved Back Pain

Unresolved Back Pain

Unresolved back pain describes symptoms which have not responded favorably to a variety of seemingly appropriate and indicated therapy options. It is so frighteningly common for back ache to go on unchecked, despite the patient being under the care of one or more doctors. These patients feel lost in the world, since they are really trying to be cured and spending time, money and effort on the arduous process. Their doctors are hopefully trying just as hard to provide relief. However, regardless of what methods are used, chiropractic, physical therapy, drugs, TENS or even surgery, the agony endures without any real hope for a pain-free tomorrow.

This discussion explains why so many chronic back pain conditions persist, despite active, indicated and seemingly successful therapy.

Unresolved Pain Conditions

Unresolved back pain is one of the prime perpetuators of the back pain epidemic. The typical patient's expectation for back ache is identical to any other painful condition they might suffer in life:

1. Patient has symptoms.
2. Patient goes to doctor.
3. Doctor makes a diagnosis.
4. Doctor prescribes treatment.
5. Patient is cured.

This is how it is supposed to happen in a perfect world. Unfortunately, this example is purely theoretical and does not mirror the actual experience of most back pain patients. My personal journey, as well as the stories of many other patients go more like this:

1. Patient has agonizing pain.
2. Patient goes to doctor.
3. Doctor makes diagnosis.
4. Doctor prescribes treatment.
5. Treatment does nothing. Pain gets worse.
6. Doctor tries several different treatments. They all fail.
7. Patient tries new doctor, after doctor, after doctor.
8. They all fail.
9. Patient is frustrated and the condition steadily worsens.
10. Patient is resolved to life with pain or may become disabled.

The system has failed the patient. All the time, effort and money that the patient has spent to solve the problem were wasted. The pain continues and the patient has wasted weeks, months, years or even decades trying to overcome their treatment-resistant back pain.

What went wrong?

Unresolved Back Pain Causes

The main reason for persistent unresolved back pain is the misdiagnosis of the actual cause of the suffering. If the true reason for the pain is never found, then the hope for a cure is zero.

A second medical opinion once had value. Now, it is common for many doctors to simply get on board with the original diagnosis, even if it is not accurate. The medical brotherhood's philosophy of not wanting to go against another doctor's opinion has cost millions of pain patients agonizing chronic suffering.

Doctors must look into the causes of why back pain is on the rise, and why they have been powerless to stop it. True innovators like Dr. John Sarno have gone against the grain and have been voices of reason on the topic of treatment-resistant pain. Some doctors recognize that modern medicine is still in the dark ages when it comes to its handling of common dorsopathy conditions. The misdiagnosis of a physical problem is shear incompetence, while the misdiagnosis of psychological back pain is the greatest failure of the orthopedic community to date.

Suggestions for Ending Unresolved Back Pain

Please do yourself a favor. Start looking at the facts of your unresponsive back pain and make an informed choice for your future treatment. If you have tried everything and received no back pain relief, there is a good chance that your diagnosis is inaccurate. It is like replacing a suspected to be leaking radiator hose in your car 100 times, when the actual leak is coming from the obvious 6 inch hole in the radiator. Replacing the hose will never solve that problem!

Don’t let a poor diagnosis make you into a permanent patient. Find the true nature of your pain and work towards finding a real cure for the problem.

Our Cure Back Pain Forever Program is super effective for dealing with otherwise unresponsive pain. In fact, many patients credit the program as providing them a true cure even when all other therapies failed them.

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