Chronic Back Pain Destroys Lives

Chronic Back Pain

Chronic back pain can become a lifelong burden for any patient. Some people suffer for months, years, decades or even an entire lifetime with unresolved back pain. I, myself, seem to fit that last category, having suffered with ongoing back issues since the age of 16. Unfortunately, many patients never find a true or lasting cure for their chronic pain. It is a horrible failure of the medical system to allow a patient to suffer for this length of time, without ascertaining the underlying cause and appropriate cure for their torturous back ache.

Chronic pain grinds down one’s will to live. It depletes the body and the soul to an extent not imagined by those who are unaffected by the daily and seemingly never-ending misery of the condition. The only thing a chronic pain patient can truly count on every day is that they will suffer and feel so very alone in their eternal nightmare. Pain is always a symptom, never a cause. To treat pain as a disease is unenlightened, incorrect and downright ignorant.

Of all the health crises worldwide, chronic back pain suffers the worst possible curative results, despite a huge range of traditional, alternative and truly wacky treatments available. Given the amount of money spent by patients to find relief, this is unacceptable. Worse still, doctors have now begun to treat pain as if it were a disease.

Chronic Back Pain Ordeal

Chronic means long lasting or commonly recurring. Chronic pain is shockingly usual in many dorsopathy conditions. In fact, research statistics clearly show that patients who have symptoms which last more than 6-12 months will have a lower chance of ever finding permanent relief than they do of suffering for life. This is one of the scariest things I have ever read! I mean really… Think about it!

The cure for chronic pain is to find the actual causation and treat it appropriately. Unfortunately, many back pain conditions are misdiagnosed and therefore the treatment does not resolve the true cause, nor the pain.

Chronic back pain is usually due to one of two scenarios. The first is a physical condition that is not identified, or incorrectly identified, as the source of the symptoms. Neurological problems can be extremely difficult to diagnose, as can some soft tissue pathologies. Sometimes it is hard to pinpoint the exact cause of pain. When you are dealing with the spinal cord, and all the nerves attached to it, there is a good chance of a poor and incorrect diagnostic theory coming to light. If the true physical problem is not discovered, then a cure is not ever likely.

The second common scenario involving chronic back pain is a psychological cause. Many people have unresolved treatment-resistant back pain. Their doctors often find what they believe to be the cause of the pain, in some physical spinal abnormality. However, the treatments do not work on that cause, since the actual reason for the pain is a psycho-emotional process. For these patients, psychological back pain often becomes a lifelong problem.

Chronic Pain Topics

Chronic back pain is a serious problem in the modern healthcare system.  To highlight the individual sufferings of patients who endure lasting symptoms, we offer the following niche article topics for research:

Chronic neck pain is one of the most disabling of all enduring health issues.

Chronic pain describes symptoms that will not resolve, despite time or targeted treatment.

Chronic pain syndrome is a separate diagnosis which encompasses pain that affects large portions of the body and is unresponsive to therapy.

Chronic sciatica can make physical functionality very difficult.  Patients might have a tough time finding relief in many common positions.

Chronic nerve pain might be due to a known compression or chemical irritation condition in the spine, a disease process, a localized injury or idiopathic factors.

Chronic disc pain is a true nightmare, with more people suffering from disc-related back and neck pain than from any other suspected source process.

Chronic coccyx pain might make sitting virtually impossible.

Chronic sacroiliac pain can affect the SI joint itself, as well as the hip and entire leg, in rare circumstances.

Chronic piriformis pain is one of the most typically cited reasons for long-term pseudo-sciatica.

Intractable back pain can be acute, but when it becomes chronic, patients are doomed to suffer endlessly until they find a cure; if they find a cure...

Chronic back injury-related symptoms might result after any serious trauma to the anatomy, although the body is meant to heal and heal it should, in most cases.

Chronic back pain relief is perhaps the most difficult to achieve goal of any dorsalgia patient. Long-term symptoms rarely respond well to treatment, even when surgery is involved.

Chronic lower back pain is my own personal torment and also affects more people than all other types of chronic dorsalgia put together.

Chronic middle back pain is the least often seen variety of persistent pain.

Chronic upper back pain stands a very good chance of being muscular in nature and may even be related to an RSI condition.

Chronic pain causes are as diverse as the patients who suffer under their whim. Causes of chronic pain can be structural spinal, structural non-spinal, nonstructural, disease-related and mindbody-enacted.

Chronic back and neck pain is a horrific combination of lasting symptoms that can debilitate patients with discomfort at both ends of the spine.

Chronic pain management is a risky endeavor for many patients, since it often entails extended use of powerful opioids that demonstrate sizeable risks.

What are the best alternative treatments for chronic pain and what advantages do these therapies have over traditional pain management practices? 

Chronic Back Pain Editorial

I never had a problem with constant chronic symptoms for the first 10 years of my back pain experience. My main problem was with recurring bouts of horrible acute back pain. As I got older, the condition became constant and chronic, much to my dismay. I still had flare ups of acute pain, but when the intensity died down, the dull aching chronic pain would always be there.

Towards the end of the first 18 years of my back pain troubles, the chronic pain became more severe, but the acute pain was less active. The constant pain had grown in severity and completely dominated my daily life. There was rarely a minute of the day that my back pain was not the number one thing on my mind. I had to live my life with a constant and unwanted partner… my pain. This is just about unbearable, but what choice does one have, but to endure it?

Luckily, I was among the few who actually discovered a cure for my chronic pain. After 18 long years of suffering, I was free. Knowledge therapy is my own personal savior. My seemingly physically-induced back pain was actually caused, at least in part, by my subconscious mind. Psychosomatic back pain had come very close to ruining my entire adult life. However, as time wore on and the many injuries and years of degenerative change caught up to me and my aging spine, pain returned in new and often horrific ways. They say all good things come to an end and in my case, it is true. Oh well, now there are 12 bulging and herniated discs and many other structural issues to be considered. I am not sure what percentage of my current agony is anatomically motivated and how much is caused or worsened by stress. I believe it to be a fair share of both!

It took time to work through all of my pain issues, but the end result was great. I no longer fear pain and have released myself from its firm grip. The techniques that I used evolved into the Cure Back Pain Forever Program, which we now offer to help all of you. It saved me, for sure!

If you suffer from ongoing chronic back pain, do not lose hope. I know that chronic pain depression is a big issue for many of you, but there is almost always a cure for every back problem. The key is discovering the real cause for the pain, physical or psychological, and addressing that problem. Have faith that you can be pain-free and investigate all your options until you become well again. 

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