Alternative Medicine for Back Pain

Alternative Medicine for Back Pain

Alternative medicine for back pain has always appealed to patients who can not find relief using more traditional modalities, as well as patients who have a general distrust of doctors, due to bad personal experiences. Alternative treatment can take many forms ranging from the proven and effectual to the insane and almost comical.

When it comes to back pain therapy which falls outside the mainstream medical establishment, I can truly say that I have seen it all. Some of the methods used are surprisingly enlightened, and possibly even innovative, while many are dangerous, exploitative or just plain sad. Patients are always advised to be very cautious when pursuing alternative care practices. Make sure that you understand the nature of the treatment ahead of time and also know the credentials of the service provider before trusting them with your body and your future health.

This discussion focuses on providing insight on alternative medicine for back pain and focuses on knowledge therapy as the most effective of all therapeutic choices.

Alternative Treatments for Back Pain

What used to be considered alternative medicine for back pain has now mostly become the norm. Medical doctors are teaming up with chiropractors, acupuncturists and other complementary care providers to offer a combined care approach to treatment which may provide great benefits to patients.

Being that alternative medicine has become mainstream, there are few true alternatives left in the back pain sector. One of the only real alternative modalities for back pain left is knowledge therapy. This is the alternative to the alternative treatments for back pain.

In order to find a true cure for back ache, it is important to know all the things that may be wrong structurally with your body. However, it is also important to learn all the things that are not wrong. Many times, a painful condition is not the result of a physical cause. Sometimes, a very physical pain syndrome has an psychoemotional source instead.

Knowledge therapy makes a strong case for the placebo and nocebo effects on the health of a person. It is also the only treatment which offers a real chance at permanently resolving chronic symptomatic complaints which are the direct result of a psychogenic causation.

This article will focus on knowledge therapy, since it is one alternative care practice which I know to work based on personal experience and peer reviewed evidence. Learn more about how alternative medicine can assist you in your quest to heal back pain or any other type of chronic suffering.

Alternative Medicine for Back Pain / Knowledge Therapy

Knowledge therapy is the truest form of alternative medicine for back pain. It is also the best method of achieving home back pain relief for millions of patients each year. Knowledge therapy allows the individual to learn to treat their own health concerns from a completely holistic mindbody point of view. Knowledge therapy does not replace traditional medical care, but does empower the patient to take a very active role in their own health and wellness. The mind and the body are codependent parts of the whole person. They are inseparable and will influence the health and function of one another in every aspect of life.

Knowledge therapy consists of a variety of non-physical treatments for chronic pain. Back pain books are the most common form of knowledge therapy. Many authors have been able to reach across the world using the power of their words to heal countless poor souls who are suffering from pain. John Sarno, Andrew Weil and Deepak Chopra are a few of the best known.   

Sometimes writing your own book can be the key to solving your dorsopathy riddle. For patients who want to uncover and understand their emotional contributors to their pain, journaling is highly recommended as one of the best ways of achieving this end.

Psychotherapy is another form of knowledge therapy specifically designed to help people with severe psychological back pain. Sometimes, the best form of knowledge therapy is simply talking to other people who have experienced psychosomatic symptoms themselves. The bond of shared suffering will often provide insight to successful treatments, as well as a feeling of support and empathy for the agonizing experience of enduring relentless pain.

It is important to understand that the body is designed to heal. When there is an ongoing pain condition that is treatment resistant, the cause of the symptoms might be psychoemotional. When a patient has poor treatment results, chronic pain for an extended time, or pain that recurs or changes in response to treatment, I would recommend learning more about knowledge therapy. As I am famous for saying, there truly is nothing to lose and a potential cure to gain.

Knowledge therapy sounds a bit new age to some when they first read about it. The idea that back pain might come from some unresolved emotional issues just seems crazy to most people. However, knowledge therapy has a strong history in traditional physical medicine and it is also the backbone for the field of modern psychology. Remember, that the mindbody processes are well documented in physical medicine and it is universally known that the mind can and will influence the body in many matters of health, injury and disease.

You will be hard pressed to find a sector of medicine which does not now acknowledge the mindbody aspects of therapy. Noted examples include the chronic pain, addiction treatment, cancer care and autoimmune sectors of healthcare.

You can get a copy of our best selling back pain relief program and try the treatment for yourself. There are no risks! In fact, you will enjoy a range of health benefits due to our 3 tiered approach to managing, curing and preventing pain now and in the future. It is no wonder why so many healthcare providers and organizations have praised this program! Best of all, the program is available 24 hours a day, worldwide for immediate help for severe pain.

Alternative Medicine for Back Pain Innovators

There are many talented professionals working in the field of mindbody medicine. Unfortunately, most do not get individual acclaim for their work, since their ideas go against the economic concept of back pain treatment. If the cure for chronic pain was available to all, at little or no cost, think of the economic effects on the huge back pain industry.

One of the pioneers in this field who has received tremendous praise for his work is Dr. John Sarno. Dr Sarno is the hero to many thousands of previously hopeless victims of back pain who found a true cure through his knowledge therapy program.

Dr. Andrew Weil is another incredible voice of wisdom in this growing field of alternative medicine for back pain. Dr. Weil has helped countless sick and injured people find the information that allowed them to cure many assorted diseases and pain conditions.

Learn more about why alternative medicine is often considered back pain heresy by traditionalists. After all, it flies in the face of the Cartesian philosophy of medicine which states that the mind and body are 2 separate and distinct entities. Although this idea has been proven decisively incorrect through laboratory research, clinical observation and practical experience, some physicians hold on tightly to the thoughts of Rene Descartes, since these flimsy sentiments are helping to protect their financial bottom lines. Medicine truly is big business in the modern healthcare sector.

Psychosomatic pain might originate in the mind, but it is completely real and expressed in the anatomy.

Alternative Medicine for Back Pain Ideology

Knowledge therapy has always worked towards providing a cure for back ache, rather than merely treating the symptoms. It has taken the ability to heal out of the hands of the care provider and placed it firmly in the hands of the desperate patient. Now that is true alternative medicine for back pain! This is such as blessing for dorsopathy sufferers who feel so helpless and disenfranchised by their pain and the lackluster care they have received.

I have embraced knowledge therapy as the optimal form of alternative medicine for back pain. I have simply seen far too many true cures performed using knowledge therapy, compared to any other form of back pain treatment. I was skeptical at first, as are most patients, but once I learned more about the truths of this therapy, I was convinced. In fact, I used Dr. Sarno's program to achieve better results for myself than any of the medical or complementary medical modalities ever offered me. 

The proof is in the results and the results are outstanding. This would make a great sales pitch if I were trying to sell you something, but luckily, most forms of knowledge therapy are truly free of risk and financial cost. No need to spend anything with this option.

Knowledge therapy is not for every type of back problem. It is especially effective at curing ongoing chronic back pain, which has not responded to traditional care. I would recommend learning more about knowledge therapy to all patients who have not found relief from more traditional means. The basic treatment is simply to read the materials and decide for yourself. It is cheap and fast, and many materials are available for free at your local library. Knowledge therapy can mean the difference between a life in pain or a life of joy and freedom.

You have nothing to lose and so much to gain. Even for those patients who do not realize a complete cure, the understanding of the mindbody processes will change your perception of pain, health, disease and injury forever. This is beneficial to all and worth the investment of time alone. If you decide to pursue alternative medicine for back pain, remember to consider your sources carefully, regardless of which type of treatment you select.

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