Dangers of Prescription Pain Killers

Dangers of Prescription Pain Killers

There are many inherent dangers of prescription pain killers. Drugs have become the most popular treatment modality for every possible health concern known to mankind, regardless of their hazardous nature. It is vital to understand that virtually all of these drugs are poisonous to your body and all have powerful known and unknown side effects. Worse still, prescribing doctors rarely take the time to discuss these risks with patients before handing out scripts like Halloween candy.

There is no such thing as a harmless back pain drug. Regardless, the pharmaceutical industry continues to grow day by day, as more people hope to find the answer to all of life’s problems in an innocent looking little pill. Personally, I have never had a doctor bring up risk factors for any medication given to me, regardless of whether it was an antibiotic, pain medicine, anti-inflammatory or other substance.

Interactive Dangers of Prescription Pain Killers

Pain management drugs are carefully regulated for many reasons. One of the key negative issues experienced by many treated patients is the possibility for problematic drug interactions. Interaction describes a scenario where your pain medication reacts to other substances in your body, such as herbal supplementsvitamins, minerals, alcohol or other drugs (legal or illegal).

More patients die due to fatal interactions than from any other reason linked to prescription pain killers. Combining pain medications with other drugs or alcohol is a deadly cocktail which claims thousands of lives every year. Make sure to be 100% honest with your doctor and pharmacist about any other drugs you use on a regular or occasional basis.

Dependency Dangers of Prescription Pain Killers

Addiction is a major problem for many persons. In fact, so many chronic pain patients get hooked on their medications, it is often difficult to determine just how many stay in treatment for the sake of maintaining their easy prescription medication fix.

Powerful pain killers are the most notorious of all addictive substances and patients can become hooked after using the drugs for only a short time frame. Remember that the core elements of many pain relievers are the same active ingredients in such insidious drugs as morphine and heroin.

Drugs are toxic to your body and generally lead to a downward spiral of health. This obviously true for illicit drugs, but is equally accurate when used to describe legal long-term prescription drug use. Many patients using pain meds for an extended time suffer the exact same physical and psychological markers demonstrated by common street addicts. The only real differences between the two varieties of drug addict is the legality and economic circumstances, since prescription drugs are mostly covered under private health insurance.

For unlucky patients who do not have adequate health coverage, dependency issues often lead to degeneration of character and descent into a criminal existence in order to facilitate their ongoing drug habit.

Side Effects and Dangers of Prescription Pain Killers

Many prescription drugs have problematic side effects which can cause severe temporary or permanent damage to the body’s internal structures and systems. Although warning labels are posted on prescription medications, these warnings are often not well understood by patients or discussed openly with the prescribing physician.

Patients must be aware that every back pain pill is potentially dangerous to their health. Make sure to research any drug thoroughly and understand all risks before using them, especially for chronic symptomatic complaints.

Understanding the Dangers of Prescription Pain Killers

As with every other article on my site, this topic means a lot to me. I have lost several friends to drug use and have been emotionally devastated on more than one occasion to discover how prescription drug addiction has ruined the lives of those close to me. This destruction of your very life is a very real risk which can happen to you or anyone else. I have seen it and it is not pretty.

Please, be careful when taking any prescription drug for pain. Discuss the drug openly with your doctor and be very wary of physicians who are too eager to give out pills. These doctors are not worth your time and effort. They have lost their incentive to really care for you and simply throw pills at you until you shut up. It is sad, but it is true. Don’t buy into this tarnished image of a medical professional.

Take responsibility for your own health. Regardless of the cause of your pain, try to wean yourself off pain meds ASAP. This is a good rule to remember and it might even be the very rule which might save your life.

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