The Agony of Neck Pain

Neck Pain

Neck pain can be a crippling ailment for any patient. The cervical spinal region is the second most problematic area in the vertebral column and is only beaten by the troublesome lumbar spine. There are a wide range of symptomatic conditions which can cause cervical pain due to back injury, disease or degeneration. Luckily, most structural painful neck conditions respond well to appropriate back pain treatments. Neck ache is known to affect many surrounding tissues, as well, including the head and face, shoulders, upper back, arms, hands and/or fingers.

Neck ache has taken on new meaning for me as I have suffered development, then escalation, of it in recent years. While the symptoms can be severe, they hold less power over me now, since I am well prepared to deal with them, after decades of coping with chronic pain in one form or another. Fortunately, these symptoms have since passed, allowing me to focus on helping you to find a cure, as well.

Neck Pain Conditions

Neck ache can be caused by numerous spinal or muscular issues. Neck muscle pain can be excruciating, but is rarely serious and will usually get better without any special treatment. Purely structurally-motivated disc and bone conditions can sometimes be very painful, but they do usually resolve with proper medical therapy. Mild to moderate degenerative conditions are rarely the cause of serious neck symptoms, although they are often blamed for sourcing such pain. It is crucial to understand that degeneration is completely normal in the neck, since it is an area which is called upon to provide a vast range of motion under stress throughout our lives. However, these degenerative conditions have never proven to be inherently pain-inducing.

Cervical injury can cause severe agony and related neurological symptoms which might create life-altering disability in the worst cases.

A great number of long-term treatment resistant cervical pain syndromes are caused by a psychosomatic condition using ischemia as the cause of nerve and muscle agony. These are the conditions rarely correctly diagnosed as being what they truly are, leading to the horrific curative statistics we see demonstrated by many medical therapy options. Remember, if the therapy is not targeting the true case, then how can it ever be expected to work?

Neck Pain Topics

Neck pain is surely a major topic within the dorsalgia sector of medicine.  Some of the very worst conditions can strike patients in the cervical spine, potentially causing widespread pain and disability. The following essays help educate patients on specific varieties of neck conditions, as well as the causes of neck pain:

An aching neck is bad enough, but when combined with other symptoms, the experience can be disastrous.

Suffering a chronically stiff neck is functionally limiting and might predispose patients towards heightened risk for injury.

Torticollis comes in several forms, but all involve atypical head tilts that may or may not be painful.

Neck spasm is generally not as bad as back muscle contraction, since the muscles are smaller and not needed to support the entire body. However, serious spasms can still be hellish to endure.

Painful neck relief might come from conservative, moderate or invasive treatment. Learning about all the many options for therapy is vital before seeking medical care.

The diagnosis of neck ache is never a sure science. Statistics show that neck symptoms are often mistakenly blamed on an incorrectly identified causation.

Degenerative neck ache can result from extreme deterioration of the vertebral bones, spinal discs or other support tissues.

Forward head posture is a growing problem that can cause serious neck and upper back pain problems. We explain how to find forward head posture relief through prevention and treatment efforts.

Cervicogenic headaches originate in the neck, but might not actually cause pain there.

Neck pain from a herniated disc is often a mistaken diagnostic conclusion.

Neck pain can be just as debilitating as symptoms in any area of the back. Focus on the cervical spine, including diagnosis and treatment of patient complaints, is provided in vivid detail on Neck-Pain-Treatment.Org.

Chronic Neck Pain

Long-term symptoms of neck pain can become a real problem for any patient. The neck is responsible for providing stability and movement for the head. This function is extremely important in order to live a normal and full active lifestyle. Patients who experience chronic pain and tightness in the neck often find themselves restricted in their enjoyment of virtually any physical activity. It can be very difficult to get around, eat, sleep or do much of anything with a bad neck. This I know for sure, since my years of martial arts injury and related degeneration have now begun to creep up on me causing a diversity of uncomfortable neck issues. Just what I needed... as if lower back misery and sciatica were not enough!

Patients with chronic cervical pain have often been misdiagnosed by their doctor, which explains why so many treatment options have failed them. If you have tried a variety of indicated neck treatments with no success, or find your pain steadily worsening despite treatment, there is a good chance that your pain is being blamed on a scapegoat condition. This means that some coincidental structural condition exists in your spine, but it is not likely to be the cause of your pain.

New diagnostic guidelines have informed doctors not to diagnose pain by linking it to structural issues discovered on diagnostic imaging studies without intensive study of the conditions. Furthermore, these same guidelines reinforce the many long-standing studies which demonstrate little, if any, link between neck pain and these same structural abnormalities. Patients who understand the concept of nonstructural neck ache often turn to knowledge therapy to try an alternative treatment for their cervical complaints.

This is not to say that all neck pain can be resolved through such mindbody means. Sometimes, truly serious structural issues exist and must be dealt with in order to find a cure. Doctors are much better at solving these anatomical pain conditions and this is why some people do actually fare very well after appropriate therapy, surgery or other indicated care options.

Neck Pain Summation

I suffered with acute flare-ups of painful neck symptoms which sprung up every now and then during the 18 years I endured horrific lower back pain. Most of these agonizing events were blamed on some muscular overcompensation in my spine to balance the lumbar region or some sympathetic reaction to chiropractic treatment. I now know that both of these theories are completely false.

I discovered that much of my pain was the direct result of oxygen deprivation, including my neck, back, knees and wrists. I cured my pain and enjoyed many good years without suffering each and every day. Life was much better without occasional nagging cervical pain to contend with. However, my personal hell returned and took up residence in my neck worse than ever the second time around. Now, I would consider my neck to be just as susceptible to pain, stiffness and nerve symptoms as my lower back, if not more so. It is no fun, but is not as bad with the knowledge I have gained over the years to assist me in dealing with it.

It took me some time to understand that pain can return from many processes. At this stage, I do have some neck pain, sourced by a combination of life factors and anatomical issues. However, knowledge therapy has served me well, by providing me with the ability to differentiate the symptoms which can be fixed by myself from those which require professional monitoring or even treatment. This is a blessing in itself. It takes the fear out of the condition, which as we all know, is half the battle. Eventually I found my way back to a complete cure for all of my stubborn neck pain and feel much better now. 

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