Tension Myositis Syndrome

Tension Myositis Syndrome

Tension myositis syndrome is the symptomatic condition named and originally diagnosed by the world famous Dr. John Sarno. TMS, more recently known as tension myoneural syndrome, represents a revolution in the medical sector and has changed the professional perception of chronic pain forever.

Originally, most doctors were resistant to the idea of a mindbody causation for physical symptoms and some continue to hold this antiquated stance to this very day. However, with time and ongoing research, the evidence demonstrating the scope and diversity of psychosomatic pain syndromes has become overwhelming and undeniable.

Dr. Sarno is credited as being an innovator in this growth field of healthcare and has served as a model for new generations of physicians who will take his ideas ever further. Dr. Sarno is a Professor of Clinical Rehabilitation Medicine at the NYU School of Medicine and an attending physician at the Rusk Institute of Rehabilitation Medicine/NYU Medical Center. It is ironic that Dr. Sarno is a traditionally trained medical doctor, since his teachings are all based in the psychological realm. His ideas draw more on the teachings of Freud than on any medical text. Then again, this is actually history repeating itself. Sigmund Freud was a classically trained neurologist, even though he is best remembered for his contributions to modern psychology.

What Is Tension Myositis Syndrome?

Dr. Sarno diagnoses a condition he has named TMS in many chronic pain sufferers each year. This psychogenic condition is a maladaptive defense mechanism of the subconscious mind that has its root in unresolved conflicts and emotional repressions. Basically, Dr. Sarno feels that sensitive and repressed emotions are the primary reasons responsible for the epidemic of back pain that exists today.   

Dr. Sarno has been ideologically joined by many doctors and psychologists over the last 30+ years and now there are many health professionals capable of making the tension myositis syndrome diagnosis. In fact, there are many notable physicians, such as our own Dr. Roger Gietzen, who are now actively involved in creating their own therapy programs to increase the social acceptance and recognition of mindbody disorders.

Many of these TMS doctors have taken to the internet in the hopes of reaching larger audiences than they ever could one patient at a time in private consultation. I personally feel this is crucial if the world is ever going to have any chance of really appreciating the breadth of the psychosomatic pain problem.

Knowledge therapy is a term used by Dr. John Sarno to describe his method for curing chronic psychosomatic pain. It has been humorously called a non-treatment treatment, meaning that no medicine or physical procedure is actually used to combat the symptoms. Instead, the patient must spend the time to recognize and accept the true psychological reasons which are responsible for causing their physical agony.

Once the patient can accept the psychosomatic nature of pain at a deep level, the symptoms will be useless and will cease. This is speculated to occur because the symptoms act as a distraction for the powerful repressed emotional issues. By actively recognizing and focusing on these very issues, the pain will be useless and will end. Dr. Sarno has enjoyed fantastic treatment results for a plethora of mistakenly diagnosed pain syndromes using this very model of therapy.

TMS Topics

Welcome to the most comprehensive tension myositis syndrome resource on the web.  Read up on all the latest research in the following article topics:

TMS lower back pain denotes the most often seen symptomatic expression. Tension myoneural syndrome in the neck is the second most common symptomatic location in the human anatomy. However, various forms of tension myositis pain can strike any anatomical location.  

TMS equivalents describe alternate expressions of tension myositis.

Anyone who wants to learn all about TMS must read the various Dr. Sarno books, including the classic, Healing Back Pain, the fascinating Mindbody Prescription and the collaborative effort, The Divided Mind.

Many patients embrace the tension myositis diagnosis as being applicable to themselves, simply by reading Dr Sarno's literary offerings. This is the first step towards enacting a lasting tension myositis cure.

Tension myositis treatment is usually self-managed, although some physicians do run formal therapy programs, as well.

Oxygen deprivation back pain is the theorized process that actually causes symptoms, according to Dr. Sarno.

Psychotherapy for back pain is an extreme alternative treatment for any variety of mindbody syndrome, including TMS.  However, TMS psychotherapy is only offered by a limited number of qualified mental health professionals.

Our own Cure Back Pain Forever Program is a perfect complement to Dr. Sarno's therapy program. In fact, many people who did not connect with Sarno's works have reported excellent results from our material. 

Is Tension Myositis Syndrome Real?

I have been treated by Dr. Sarno personally and am one of the many patients following his TMS therapy program. Dr. John Sarno is a dynamic physician and personality, who has gone against the grain in his medical philosophy on back pain. His cure rate is unbelievable and the envy of most traditional doctors.

I highly recommend his books and his program to virtually all back pain sufferers. If you have an ongoing back ache condition that resists all attempts at treatment, then this man may be the expert for you. I hope you have good insurance, since his fees are not cheap. However, there is simply no putting a price on regaining your health.

There are several online tension myositis syndrome treatment programs beginning to gain ground as effectual choices for self help. These are mostly very affordable and easy to use. Although Dr. Sarno has been an outspoken critic of this type of medical practice online, there is simply no stopping the continuing advancement of ideas over the net. If these ideas can help people, then it is the best benefit ever provided to web surfers.

I wish all the TMS doctors with internet study programs the best of luck and hope that their dedication to the mindbody medicine field will interest even more new and upcoming healthcare providers to join the revolution. As a perpetual critic, I must say that this resistance to propagate his ideas online has cost Dr. Sarno much of the recognition he justly deserves. Additionally, many patients recover from tension myositis syndrome completely simply by reading his books and spend no more than a few dollars. The smartest of these people might even cure their pain for free by taking the books out of their local library for no cost whatsoever.

I must mention that Dr. Sarno and tension myositis syndrome represent the tip of the iceberg in the modern mindbody field. Once exposed to the variety of excellent authors and doctors in this sector, your outlook on healthcare will enjoy a positive paradigm shift eternally. I truly believe the best is yet to come in this rapidly developing medical field. Look and you shall find.

There is much more to learn in our expanded section covering the fascinating field of psychological back pain.

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