Using Acupuncture For Back Pain

Acupuncture for Back Pain

Acupuncture for back pain is the science of using ultra fine needles, and sometimes electricity, to regulate the flow of chi/qi (life energy) through the energy meridians in the body. According to practitioner belief, if the energy in the body is balanced, then the person will be in good health. If the energy is imbalanced, then illness or injury will occur. The modern version of this healing science is based upon Traditional Chinese Medicine practices dating back 5000 years.

Acupuncture offers patients the chance to better cope with their symptoms without relying on drugs or other potentially dangerous forms of pain management, making it a real winner in my book. In fact, many patients have reported very good results in the stories they have sent us regarding their own back pain journeys and treatment protocols. Let's take a more detailed look at acupuncture and its potential benefits from chronic back pain sufferers.

Is Acupuncture for Back Pain Effective?

To truly understand how acupuncture really works, you must have a reasonable grasp of Chinese medicine. TCM teaches complicated lessons about the internal energy system which flows through the body creating life, movement and all the processes which make us human.

This energy flows through meridian or channels and seems to be especially important at certain areas of the body called pressure points. It is at these locations that this vital energy can be altered through treatment using acupuncture protocols. However, how it works is really irrelevant. You do not need to fully understand the therapy in order to benefit from it. However, learning more is interesting and may even increase its efficacy if your belief system adopts the knowledge as fact.

The main point to consider is that acupuncture is a symptomatic treatment for most back ache conditions. It is good for use as a pain reliever when applied by a master practitioner. However, it does nothing to change the physical condition of any spinal injury or degenerative issue.

The majority of studies showing the effectiveness of acupuncture for back pain use "no treatment" as a comparison point. The placebo reaction alone will make any treatment more effective than none at all. It is almost impossible to find objective case studies of anyone that has been truly cured of back pain from acupuncture treatment alone. However, there are many research citations involving highly effective symptomatic management. Once again, if this alone can be achieved without drugs or surgery, then this modality is a real winner compared to other riskier options. Read more about how acupuncturists will treat your pain and help you to find relief.

The Verdict on Acupuncture for Back Pain

I believe in the power of qi energy and have studied Oriental Medicine and Asian martial arts for many years. In fact, I can tell you that qi does indeed exist and it can influence health dramatically. I have been able to break cement blocks with my hands and feet, using the ability to channel qi energy. Despite my beliefs, I do not feel acupuncture is a cure for back pain. I have tried it and found it to be as good as an aspirin in most cases. There is simply not enough proof of its effectiveness as anything more than a pain reliever to call it a potential cure.

Try acupuncture for back pain if you are suffering and need relief while you work towards a true cure. It really can't hurt you and might relieve some pain and neurological symptoms. It is certainly a much better option than using pain management drugs. Just don’t get sucked in by the rhetoric of many a practitioner, who will claim that acupuncture will cure everything. According to some of these practitioners, all you have to do is have regular treatments and you will live practically forever in perfect health. I respect this age-old scientific art, but still must insist on telling it like it is.

Remember also that this is art, as much as science. Results may vary significantly depending on the skill and training of the practitioner. For short term relief from acute back pain, acupuncture is highly recommended. Just do not rely on it solely as a permanent solution for chronic pain.

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