Beware of Back Injury Lawyers

Back Injury Lawyer

A back injury lawyer can be a blessing or a curse for a patient who is wounded in an accident. Personal injury law is one of the most profitable career paths for an attorney to pursue. There are plenty of opportunities to represent clients with legitimate back injuries and claims, but some attorneys choose to represent clients with false claims or may even help to create long-term pain for their client just to make some money.

Over a decade spent as a trial preparation investigator in New York City has shown me things in our justice system which I would have rather never witnessed. I have seen the best and the worst when it comes to lawyers of all types and some of the trials I was involved in completely changed my view of how back injury is used and abused in legal circles.

Types of Back Injury Lawyer

It is important to hire an honest and reputable lawyer to represent you in any back injury litigation. A lawyer's reputation follows them to court and will influence the outcome of your case. Attorneys who push the acceptable boundaries of the law often suffer negative consequences for themselves and their clients. A good attorney will not take your case unless they feel you have a legitimate claim.

If you are suing and do not have a legitimate claim…
Shame on you!

If an attorney takes the case regardless, then
Shame on them!

"Ambulance chaser" is a common term used to describe lawyers who actively pursue injured people in an effort to secure them as clients. Their tactics can range from simply reading about an accident in the morning newspaper and deciding to contact the victim regarding representation, to actually hanging around hospital emergency rooms and using police scanners to stay current on the latest victim of some unfortunate event.

Regardless, ambulance chasers will cheapen the credibility of your case and possibly cost you a legal victory for a legitimate injury claim. Common sense says to avoid these often unethical and unscrupulous types at all costs.

Nocebo Effect of Back Pain Lawyers

Some particularly immoral attorneys work with back doctors who might actually make a patient’s pain worse on purpose. The attorney knows that the client must be credible and a suffering client can mean big $$$. It is no accident that these lawyers make sure that their client receives a proper scare in all their diagnoses and treatments from the puppet doctor or therapist.

This nocebo effect can cause an escalation in pain that might last long after the litigation is finished. But, at that point, the attorney has been paid and couldn't care less about what happens to their former golden opportunity.

Back Injury Lawyer Editorial

I worked in the investigation industry for much of my adult life. This gave me a back stage pass into the court system and an unedited look at the entire process of personal injury litigation. I have seen it all; good and bad.

A good attorney is a pleasure to behold in the courtroom, even if they are working for the opposing side. This type of legal professional truly represents all that is true and just in the law and fights to maintain the high standards on which our society was built.

On the other hand, a low-life bottom-feeder of a back injury lawyer can turn even a credible case into a three ring circus. There should truly be stiff penalties for lawyers who bring false cases or unethical, immoral practices into the legal system. I would recommend charging the attorney the full value of the settlement sought in the case, as well as all legal expenses incurred by the court. If they are particularly guilty of fraud, I would include disbarment and the inability to practice any type of law in the future.

However, since the justice system is so incredibly plaintiff-friendly, these consequences are never likely to occur. Instead, our civil courts are more than happy to entertain even the most baseless litigation, clogging the justice system and costing the general population billions of dollars every year.

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