Having Back Pain Lying Down?

Back Pain Lying Down

Back pain lying down is one of the most affective symptomatic expressions for any patient, since it robs them of their ability to rest and relax. Reclining should be the most tranquil and comfortable position a person could ever find. However, for many back pain sufferers, lying down is when their pain begins or intensifies.

This article will explore the possible structural reasons why positioning may cause pain, but will also shed light on the mindbody issues which may actually be responsible for eliciting symptoms.

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The actual reasons why pain might begin or get worse when reclining can vary greatly. There might be an anatomical reason for this occurrence, such as a fractured vertebrae or bruised muscle which might be sensitive to pressure. Maybe moving a particular area of the body places undue stress on a sensitized or pinched nerve. The anatomical possibilities are virtually endless, but do not represent the average case of reclining back pain.

The body is designed to seek rest in a reclining position and most painful complaints feel better when lying down. Back ache which flares up when a patient lies down may also related to psychosomatic factors. Sleeping back pain, in particular, is very often caused by repressed psychoemotional issues which only come to light when the conscious mind shuts off and the subconscious takes control.

Lying Down Back Pain Treatment

If you have a verifiable physical cause of lying down pain, it is crucial to talk to your doctor about how you can remain symptom-free and still get your much needed rest. There must be some solution available and your care provider should help you find it.

For patients with suspected mindbody issues causing or contributing to symptoms at illogical times, many doctors recommend knowledge therapy as a means of understanding why their suffering escalates when they try to rest. Although the condition seems so anatomically motivated, the actual underlying source of symptoms may be ischemia-enacted by a psychological process. Medical treatments have no hope of curing this type of pain, since they only address the symptomatic expression and do nothing to get to the root emotional source.

Back Pain Lying Down Help

You need to get some rest and relaxation every day. If this is difficult for you to achieve in a traditional reclining position, then experiment with variations to find some relief. Try lying in different positions or even try a half seated / half lying position.

Maybe a new mattress or pillow might be of assistance. While these products can be nice to own and may make anyone’s rest time more comfy, they are usually not the best answer for sleeping back pain. Any benefit imparted is likely to be derived mostly from the placebo effect.

Remember, For many sufferers with disturbing positional dorsopathy issues, the answer to the pain may just reside in the mind; not the back. We provide specific guidance on preventing pain when reclining to sleep in our Preventing Back Pain Book. It can be found in our Cure Back Pain Forever Program.

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