Back Pain Primary Gain Theory

Back Pain Primary Gain

Back pain primary gain is the true reason for most psychosomatic pain syndromes to exist. The mind freely interacts with the body, for the better or worse of the individual, due to varying psychological factors. When it comes to the primary gain of psychosomatic back pain, the mind is almost always using the symptoms as a defense mechanism in order to protect itself from hidden or repressed emotional issues. These sensitive and highly-charged issues have been locked away by the subconscious mind and must be held deep inside to prevent them from wreaking havoc upon the patient's consciousness. To keep these emotional issues secured safely away, the subconscious uses physical pain as its enforcer and jailer. In essence, the pain is actually meant to protect the patient, rather than to punish them.

Let's take a detailed look at the theory of primary gain-related back pain syndromes.

Back Pain Primary Gain Background

The mind is chocked full of unpleasant thoughts, memories and emotions which have been accumulated throughout life. Many of these emotions have been consciously forgotten or were never even made available to the conscious mind. The subconscious is a vast and varied landscape of thoughts and feelings which may date all the way back to early childhood. Our most primal, primitive and downright nightmarish thoughts reside here far removed from the burdens of consciousness and ego. This area of the mind contains the id. This is where all the nasty unmentionables reside away from the prying eyes of the adult ethical and moral mind.

Unfortunately it is the nature of these imprisoned emotions to seek conscious recognition. The more painful or scary the issues are, the more they strive towards their goal of streaming into consciousness. The subconscious fears this occurrence beyond any other possible event and will do anything to prevent their escape from the prison of repression.

Back Pain Primary Gain Symptoms

The primary gain philosophy describes the lengths the subconscious mind will use in order to protect its naive conscious counterpart. The subconscious recognizes the body’s ability to hold sway over the conscious mind, especially in moments of extreme pain. The subconscious uses pain and related symptoms to distract the conscious mind from these repressed issues so they can not escape to consciousness.

Physical pain is an incredibly effective camouflage and is usually ultra-efficient in covering up the repressed issues forever. Unfortunately for the patient, this means that the pain will also continue forever, leading them to a life of reduced function, infinite suffering and possible disability.

No medical or physical treatment will stop or reverse this process, explaining why so many back pain therapies fail patients who suffer from primary gain symptom syndromes.

Suggestions for Back Pain Primary Gain

Psychosomatic primary gain is one of the most common reasons for patients to experience any chronic back pain syndrome. Psychosomatic pain is universal and only differs in the location, severity and duration of symptoms. The process of curing this type pf pain is deceptively simple. It involves 3 basic, but important steps:

Discover the repressed emotional issues and how they relate to your life and personality.

Acknowledge that these issues are indeed the cause of your physical suffering. Linking the psychological issues to the physical symptoms is very important in ending their power over you.

Accept these issues as part of you. You do not necessarily need to change anything about yourself to get well. Some patients might discover that change is a part of their back pain recovery process, but this change is not inherent to the cure.

If you can do these 3 things, you can be pain-free. Millions of people have done it. They are no better, smarter or wiser than you.

Learn the process and enact the cure. The alternative treatment path of knowledge therapy is the true way to a pain-free future for those suffering from primary gain symptoms. Try it and see for yourself. You have nothing to lose, except your pain.

We explain how to cure primary gain pain syndromes throughout the many resources of the Cure Back Pain Forever Program. There is no better set of tools to end mindbody symptomology, since this is our major professional focus.

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