A Lasting Back Pain Remedy

Back Pain Remedy

A back pain remedy is a permanent solution to the pain, as opposed to the temporary fixes most common in the dorsopathy treatment sector. We all know that most care practices used to treat back ache work to make the symptoms more liveable. These modalities rarely seek to do anything to resolve the true underlying causation of pain, if that is even known.

A remedy is the opposite of covering up the symptoms with pain management drugs or other means of conservative symptomatic care. A true remedy for back pain means that the pain will be banished forever, never to return. Is there even such a thing as a real remedy?

This discussion provides details on curative back pain care, as opposed to the current preoccupation with profitable, symptom-targeting treatment that fills the modern healthcare sector.

Back Pain Remedy Reality

In theory, there should be a remedy for almost every possible cause of back pain. So, why do so many patients have such a difficult time finding it? The problem exists in diagnosing the actual causation of pain and then finding the proper treatment for that particular condition. These 2 criteria are crucial for any treatment to be effective. Unfortunately for many patients, bringing these 2 pieces of the pain relief puzzle together is akin to winning the lottery… twice!

Misdiagnosis of the real cause of symptoms prevents many patients from ever discovering why their backs truly hurt. If the cause is not really known, then any treatment is inevitably bound to fail. This is a simple and unfortunate reality. If the real cause of the pain is diagnosed, then the doctor has to match it to an appropriate treatment designed to end the pain, rather than treat the symptoms. Once again, the majority of patients are led down the wrong path and wind up in a life-long series of treatments that never truly cure their torment.

Back Pain Remedy Guidance

It is important to trust your doctor. Give them the benefit of the doubt. Listen to their advice and hope that their diagnosis is accurate. However, do not be afraid to question them. Ask them what you should expect from your condition as far as symptoms and prognosis. Ask what results you can expect from their recommended back pain treatments. Make them accountable for their diagnosis, prescriptions and recommendations. If things do not go the way they say, do not be afraid to look elsewhere for better treatment options.

Meanwhile become active in your own care. Research all the things you discuss with your doctor independently. Take time and effort in your work and look for inconsistencies in what was told to you. Never take any information at face value, but instead question the motivations of the source.

Do not become a mindless pawn of the medical system. Have a voice and a brain. Think about your condition. If something does not feel right about how a doctor is treating you, it is advisable to trust your instincts and go elsewhere. This may be the only way to find the real remedy for back pain that can permanently cure your particular condition.

In my case, I had to break away from all the treatments I had been using in order to really feel better. Seems ironic, huh?

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