Does a Back Pain Solution Exist?

Back Pain Solution

Finding a back pain solution is a difficult proposition for many patients. While some patients have short-term problems with their backs due to injury or degenerative conditions, many patients experience long-term unresolved back pain. These are the patients who become desperate to find some answer to their back pain questions.

This page is dedicated to all of you out there searching for some relief for your chronic treatment-resistant pain. I know first hand just how lonely and frustrating it can be to suffer day in and day out without much hope for ever returning to a normal life, free from the misery.

Back Pain Solution via Proper Diagnosis

The most important part of finding out how to cure your back pain is achieving an accurate diagnosis. Many patients have tried numerous treatments and doctors to cure their pain with no success. They move from therapy to therapy and physician to physician without receiving any long-term relief from their torturous symptoms. They often try out traditional medical treatments, as well as alternative therapy modalities.

Does this sound like you?

It certainly sounds like my experience during the decades that I suffered with agonizing pain and sought active care. What a waste of time and money. Regardless of treatment history and poor results, most patients never even consider questioning their original diagnosis. This is one of the main perpetuators of chronic back pain.

Misdiagnosis of spinal conditions is prevalent, especially with the large variety of back pain scapegoat conditions which are commonly blamed for causing symptomatic conditions even though they are innocent and merely coincidental to the pain. If you have symptoms which have not responded well to treatment, this would be the first point to consider.

Back Pain Solution / Appropriate Treatment

Just because a patient has been in therapy for a long time does not ensure a cure for any painful condition. Many treatment options are symptomatic in nature. This means simply that the treatment is not designed to cure the condition, nor will it ever. The goal of treatment is merely to control the symptoms, not resolve the underlying source condition.

Many patients do not understand this concept and waste years worth of money, time and hope enduring endless series of therapy without even realizing the treatment will never cure them and might actually be helping to perpetuate the pain. Other treatments are simply not even advised for a particular condition. Surgery is grossly overused as a back pain treatment and its dismal curative results demonstrate its ineffectiveness for many patients.

Remember that back surgery should always be a last resort for any chronic problem. An operation can cause damage which can not be reversed. How terrible would it be to become virtually, or literally, crippled from a surgical procedure and find out later that the operation was never even needed?

Ask the millions who live this reality.

Back Pain Solution / Mind & Body

Most back care programs do not even include the concept of mindbody medicine. Of all the contributors to long-term pain, this is perhaps the greatest villain of them all. The mind and body interact in all matters of health and disease. There is no denying the mind’s effects on the physical body. However, psychosomatic back pain is almost never diagnosed by any healthcare professional. This is ironic since it is one of the most common of all chronic conditions.

Acknowledging the possibility of a psychosomatic causation or contribution is good science and proper medicine. Unfortunately, it goes against the medical systems economic bottom line and is therefore usually ignored by most traditional doctors.

If doctors really wanted to help, they would lose the resistance to accepting a psychological cause for many painful conditions and learn from the incredible treatment results enjoyed by such pioneers as Dr. John Sarno of the Rusk Institute of Rehabilitation Medicine in New York City.

Luckily, in the years since I have been writing this site, times have changed and now many doctors have embraced that stress, both conscious and unconscious, can cause many health issues, including chronic pain. This is a welcome change and long overdue.

Recommendations on a Back Pain Solution

Curing your pain is a joint effort. Your physicians and therapists are partially responsible for helping you to reach a pain-free condition. The rest of the responsibility resides with you, the patient. You can not be passive when it comes to your treatment. You must learn the facts of your condition and you must research all the possible treatment approaches available to you. A learned patient has a far better chance of becoming a cured patient. This is precisely the approach I used to help myself, when no one else could. I stopped allowing the care providers to have God-like control over my future and took over my own treatment decisions. This was the defining moment in my success.

The simple choice of learning the objective facts about back pain gave me everything I ever needed to alleviate, then manage, my symptoms. I learned so much, I felt the need to share it with all of you. I hope that you enjoy my site and will benefit in some way, large or small, from the knowledge contained herein.

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