The Varied Causes of Back Pain

Causes of Back Pain

There are many varied causes of back pain. Common chronic back pain affects 85% of the population at some point during their lives. There is a growing epidemic of back pain despite the steadily increasing variety of treatments available. Regardless of the cause of your symptoms, it is safe to assume that you have had enough of them and want to find a real cure. I can empathize, as this was my primary wish for most of my life and continues to be so to this very day.

This article helps readers to better understand the most common actual sources of painful back symptoms, as well as clarifying the processes that truly cause pain versus those which might be misdiagnosed.

Common Causes of Back Pain

Back injury is the most common type of pain causing event. The back is a rugged structure, yet injury is always possible. Most of these injuries are muscular and will heal all by themselves. Other types of damage can be more serious and might require some form of professional treatment. Sometimes, a perceived injury acts as a trigger for a psychosomatic pain syndrome to begin. In these cases, patients rarely achieve an accurate diagnosis, since all the symptoms which follow for years or even decades are mistakenly blamed on the “injurious” event.

Degenerative conditions are also extremely common theorized causes for back pain. Spinal degeneration is a normal process to experience as we get older. Most degenerative conditions are universal and not inherently painful at all. Some patients may experience mild symptoms, while a few will experience severe degenerative back pain.

Other back pain may be the result of congenital conditions. These types of issues often leave the patient with a permanent health condition or disability. Congenital back pain may exist from birth or may occur as the person grow into a youth, or even an adult, depending on the nature of the spinal problem. Many of these lifelong syndromes may require ongoing treatment with pain management drugs or may even require one or more episodes of back surgery.

Mindbody Causes of Back Pain

Besides the physical causes of pain, it is also possible for a psychological process to cause or contribute to back pain. A great number of chronic back pain cases are actually caused by sensitive subconscious emotions, feelings, insecurities, fears and anxieties.

Psychological back pain is rarely diagnosed properly and most patients are destined to suffer needlessly for years. It is one of the great failings of the modern back pain industry. However, mindbody medicine is a growing field with more and more young doctors realizing the role of the mind in causing, worsening and/or perpetuating bodily pain issues. This is a very good thing indeed.

Help for the Causes of Back Pain

If you have hurt your back, it is crucial to recall that the body's most prime directive is to heal. Healing will occur. If pain endures, often illogically, once the structural traumas have resolved, take time to look at the possibility that your "injury" might actually have been a trigger for psychosomatic back pain to begin.  The majority of back injuries should not cause lasting symptoms years later, but may facilitate the opportunity for the mind to create a convincing pain condition.

If you have degenerative back pain, realize the fact that most of these conditions are a completely normal part of the aging process. They rarely cause any inherent substantial pain, proven by countless research studies. Consider that the nocebo effect of the diagnosis might be playing a role in your suffering.

Regardless of the specific causes of back pain in your life, I hope that you can find a true cure to eliminate them once and for all.

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