Real Causes of Lower Back Pain

Causes of Lower Back Pain

The causes of lower back pain can be structural, disease-oriented or psychosomatic. The vast majority of patients who seek medical help for lower back pain are diagnosed with some sort of spinal abnormality which is targeted as the suspected source of symptoms. However, in some cases, this diagnostic theory is unenlightened, incorrect and flies in the face of the latest back pain research, which suggests that most structural spinal conditions are coincidental to any symptoms experienced.

A few patients are correctly diagnosed with some circulatory or neurological disease which is responsible for their pain, while virtually none are even considered for the psychosomatic diagnosis. This is ironic, since many cases of chronic pain throughout the body are sourced from psychologically-induced regional ischemia, as suggested in the world famous works of Dr. John Sarno and other mindbody professionals.

Anatomical Causes of Lower Back Pain

The most commonly diagnosed causations of lower back pain include lumbar herniated discs (typically at L4/L5 or L5/S1), lumbar degenerative disc disease or a spinal osteophyte complex narrowing a neuroforaminal space or the central spinal canal.

Statistics clearly show that these conditions can and do cause pain in rare instances, but most are misidentified as the true underlying sources of pain. Additionally, this is also true for mild to moderate cases of scoliosis, lumbar lordosis, spondylolisthesis and many other structural issues in the lower spine.

Sadly, many cases of true lumbar structural pain are incorrectly diagnosed when the actual location of the spinal abnormality is in the neck or upper back. Cervical spinal stenosis can enact pain in the lower back and sciatica issues in the legs, but is rarely even considered as the reason why the low back symptoms exist. So many patients are labelled with incorrect diagnostic verdicts while other purely structural concerns are the true causative reasons for pain. No wonder treatments fail more often than succeed!

Ischemic Causes of Lower Back Pain

Regional ischemia is one of the most logical and prevalent sources of chronic pain in the lower back or anywhere else in the body. Ischemia is an enforcer of the mindbody process and is responsible for enacting psychologically induced pain syndromes which have all reached epidemic proportions due to the unenlightened theory of structural causation.

Dr. Sarno’s work with tension myositis syndrome has definitively shown how much of what is perceived as anatomically induced agony is actually a harmless process of oxygen deprivation. While the pain can be excruciating, there is no structural reason for it to occur and any anatomical issues which exist in the location are merely coincidental to the pain.

Knowledge therapy has proven itself to be a highly effective cure for psychogenic ischemia, despite the presence of herniated discs, spinal arthritis and a host of other suspected back pain scapegoats.

Causes of Lower Back Pain Conclusion

It is difficult to inform patients just how many of them may have been misdiagnosed. Sure, most patients acknowledge that this may occur, but certainly not to them. After all, they have seen the x-ray or MRI films and can clearly observe that herniated disc (or other irregularity) in their spine. Well, no one is denying it is there. We virtually all have them. The point is that it may not be the actual cause of the pain.

Recently, doctors have been advised by several noted medical organizations that they must be very cautious in diagnosing back pain. This is because there exists little to no correlation between the most common abnormalities discovered on diagnostic testing and the incidence of symptoms. In essence, the structural conditions blamed for decades for causing back pain may not be responsible for doing any harm in the vast majority of patients!

If your pain resists successful treatment from a wide range of indicated therapy methods and has continued or worsened despite care, then it may be time to rethink the diagnostic conclusion. If not, you could be dooming yourself to an endless downward spiral of suffering and disability, when your potential cure may already exist, waiting for you to give it a try.

The more you learn about your condition, the better your chances of beating it. Take the lead when it comes to your own health and continue to research until you know all there is to know. Only then will you be truly prepared to increase your chances of finding the best treatment for you and hopefully ending your pain for good.

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