Chronic Lower Back Pain Hell

Chronic Lower Back Pain

Chronic lower back pain is the most common of all serious debilitating dorsalgia syndromes. Lower back pain is an epidemic condition responsible for destroying countless lives. The extreme pain suffered by patients with low back problems is unimaginable and indescribable to anyone who has not experienced it firsthand. I know this agony well, since it has been my daily companion for decades now. This pain has made an indelible impression on me and is responsible for my life’s work in helping others to find relief for their chronic back pain syndromes.

Statistics for the resolution of back ache which lasts longer than 6 to 12 months are terrible. Many patients who suffer this long will never find a cure and might even endure a downward spiral of disability and suffering leading to incapacitation. I had been warned by many doctors that this would likely be my eventual fate and I am trying desperately to prove them wrong.

This fascinating essay provides a firsthand factual perspective of chronic lower back pain.

Chronic Lower Back Pain Suffering

Low back pain is truly Hell on Earth. When this pain becomes chronic, the suffering never ends and the patient has little hope of finding a real cure. The medical system has hundreds of back pain therapy options which are designed specifically for the dozens of commonly diagnosed conditions. These treatments rarely solve a chronic pain problem, since they are often directed at a mistakenly diagnosed causation.

That’s right, a huge number of lower back pain syndromes are incorrectly attributed to some innocent structural abnormality. This is the reason why the traditional treatments for lower back pain fail in most instances. The pain has been misdiagnosed and therefore the treatments are not even targeting the correct source of the pain. It is a sad but extremely common situation.

Some patients suffer from other, yet to be recognized, anatomical concerns in the spine or elsewhere. Many of these patients will eventually find a correct diagnosis and then work their way to an eventual cure. These are the ones who might beat the odds, if they are lucky. Other chronic low back syndromes might be of a mindbody origin and these are the ones which endure year after year.

Psychosomatic Chronic Lower Back Pain

Most patients will never even consider the idea that their pain is not due to a physical back injury or degenerative process. Patients have not been educated on the realities of their condition; they have merely been given an incomplete and often unrealistic view of their individual spinal anatomy. If these patients were to research the facts of their condition and understand that their symptoms often do not correspond to the diagnosis, they would have a better chance of finding the true mindbody cause of their pain and suffering.

The difficult part of curing psychosomatic back pain is simply accepting the possibility that the symptoms may not be purely physical. Once this can be accomplished, the rest of the cure can be easy. Knowledge therapy has made short work of long-term chronic pain from a variety of sources in millions of patients, including this grateful author. In fact, we have integrated the most effective techniques into our own proven pain relief program to help all of you, as well.

Chronic Lower Back Pain Empathy

I know what you are going through. I lived through it myself for 18 long years, found a cure for a few years, then began to suffer horribly once again. I know what it is like to be tortured endlessly and receive no relief from the nightmarish pain. Eventually, I ended my pain for good and hope that my experience can help you too.

I know the frustration you feel having spent so much time and money pursuing promises of relief from a mile long procession of back doctors and therapies. I tried them all and found nothing but disappointment, time after time. I was ready to give up. My lower back had condemned me to a life full of pain and misery. I was one step away from being a completely broken man.

I was fortunate enough to become a full time scholar on the topic of back pain in general. I learned why the medical system has failed patients like you and me. The answers are all available for those who seek them. Pioneers like Dr. John Sarno have given hope to so many lost souls. If you are at the end of your rope when it comes to curing your chronic low back pain, you owe it to yourself to get involved and learn.

The more you know, the better your chances of achieving that impossible quest of an accurate and objective diagnosis. The more you know, the better you will be able to find inconsistencies in the incorrect pronouncements of care providers who assume much and base a tremendous amount of their work on antiquated and incorrect medical myths.

Most of all, the more your know, the better you will handle the emotional ravages of chronic pain, since the fear will simply no longer be the most powerful force in your life. Knowledge will take its place.

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