Coronavirus Back Pain

Coronavirus Back Pain

Coronavirus back pain has become a major problem due to the collateral consequences of this pandemic on society. No, back pain is NOT a typical symptom of people who have the Wuhan coronavirus. However, it is a common consequence of the stress that the virus has caused the world.

This article is not about back pain as a symptom of coronavirus, horrifically named covid-19 by the untrustworthy China puppet WHO. Instead, this article is geared towards providing some plausible explanation for why so many people have developed acute and chronic back pain in response to the viral outbreak and how these people can find relief.

If you are one of the millions of people who had a major flare-up of back pain in response to the coronavirus pandemic, you are not alone. We provide help that can only come from an objective and enlightened source, instead of the typical regurgitated garbage found on most web back pain forums.

Back Pain in Coronavirus Patients

Sure, some patients might experience back pain when they are diagnosed with covid-19. There have been reports of all manner of strange, atypical symptoms found in people who have Wuhan coronavirus. Just because a person has the disease does not mean that all symptoms are a direct result. In fact, we can say for sure that in most cases, back pain is most likely a collateral consequence, rather than a directly related symptom.

People with covid-19 are often incredibly limited in their activities, sometimes even confined to bed. This lack of activity alone can be a major cause of back pain

People with covid-19 are often bombarded with all manner of unproven drug therapies. Many of these drugs cause serious side effects, including musculoskeletal pain. There is a very good chance that back pain found in covid-19 patients is a direct result of their therapy, rather than their disease.

Finally, fever is a common instigator of bodily pains. Since fever is a common symptom of covid-19 and is also a contributor to back pain, it is possible that acute attacks of soreness in the dorsal muscles are directly related to covid-19 related fever expressions.

Back Pain During Coronavirus Pandemic

We have observed a sharp rise in back pain problems due to the coronavirus pandemic which has now affected virtually the entire world. Most people who are complaining of severe back pain DO NOT have covid-19. However, they have been terribly impacted by the disease, physically, psychologically, financially and socially. In fact, the collateral societal consequences of covid-19 are perhaps the worst and will be the widest reaching across all societies on our planet.

People are limited physically. They can not leave their homes safely. They can not get adequate exercise. They have limited access to a full and healthy diet. People have been forced to abandon their constructive habits in favor of those which might actually contribute to pain, such as being sedentary, eating poorly, not exercising and even resorting to alcohol and illicit drugs for some semblance of relief from the monotony of lockdown.

People are frightened for their present and their future. We have never witnessed such a disease as this in our lifetimes and are obviously not prepared for the psychoemotional stress it has created. Depression and suicide are on the rise the world over. It is no wonder that the poor psychoemotional state of humanity has left the door wide open for back pain to become a directly related consequence of covid-19

The isolation from loved ones, family, friends and coworkers during covid-19 is a horror, as well. People are lonely and have difficulty dealing with massive blocks of time spent alone. People have had to cancel all manner of important life events, such as weddings, travel, education, relocation and many more.

Financially, the world’s markets are decimated. The world is in free fall economically and there will be many casualties which will have our planet in ruin for many years to come. People are incredibly stressed over financial losses now, as well as from the fear of growing losses later. No one is sure for their future and many have already suffered catastrophic losses that can not and will not be easily repairable.

All of these factors are the real causes of coronavirus back pain. The stress of living now is simply overwhelming and back pain is a typical result of such a monumental burden.

Coronavirus Back Pain Blame

It would be completely irresponsible of us to publish this article without making absolutely sure that all the blame for the coronavirus epidemic falls squarely on the shoulders of the Chinese Community Party. Not only did they allow the virus to run wild in their own country, but they also allowed and even encouraged their citizens to bring it abroad. Did you know that China closed domestic travel opportunities within its borders before it prevented Wuhan residents from leaving China to go elsewhere in the world? Its 100% true!

China covered up the existence of the virus and downplayed it at every opportunity so as to not "lose face". This idea of "face" has now cost the world a massive loss of life, liberty and livelihood. Aren’t we all so pleased that China lied and continues to lie about the viral outbreak while mainstream media kisses their butt for a "job well done". Not us. No way! China is 100% to blame and must be held accountable for their role in incalculable suffering of our planet and its people, especially by the larger healthcare community.

If you are tired of the CCP lies (and you certainly do not have to be part of any political agenda in order to feel this way… We aren’t! We are just citizens of the world who are witnessing the suffering!), then demand action. Demand action from your government officials, Make China be held accountable for what they did and continue to do. They are still committing horrific crimes against the world as the virus continues to spread, including profiteering by the sale of unproven, dangerous, fraudulent and even expired medical products to other nations. They should be accountable for every loss… financial, human and hope. There is no limit on what the world should take from them. After all, the CCP took everything from all of us.

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