Psychosomatic Frequent Urination

frequent urination

Frequent urination is a classic psychosomatic symptom, yet is often misdiagnosed as stemming from a structural condition, disease process or other physical concern. As with many psychologically-induced syndromes, the urge to urinate frequently or immediately can definitely come from a number of anatomical reasons, as well as from a purely psychological imperative, making the condition a very convincing distraction from repressed or suppressed emotional issues.

Nighttime urination concerns are particularly prevalent and often signal a definitive mindbody causative process. Unfortunately, this fact is rarely investigated or explained by most medical doctors.

This essay details frequent and nocturnal urination that is linked to the whims of the subconscious mind rather than any actual physical need to empty the bladder. For many patients, the cure is simple once the true nature of the condition has been positively ascertained.

Anatomical Causes for Urinating Often

There are many actual and misidentified reasons why a person might have to urinate frequently or immediately. The most common physical reasons for this condition to exist include: excessive alcohol consumption, drinking too much liquid, prostatitis, urinary tract infection, pregnancy, drug side effect, idiopathic incontinence or bladder cancer.

Many of these causes are very common and psychologically-induced versions of the syndrome are often misrepresented as coming from a suspected or unknown physical source or process. In our experience, a majority of chronic urinary concerns are of a mindbody nature.

Psychosomatic Excessive Urination

Psychoemotional reasons for excessive urination are common. These symptoms might come on alone or in combination with other psychologically-induced pain syndrome conditions. The most common associated conditions with excessive urination include: trouble sleeping or back pain when sleeping, psychosomatic prostatitis, obsessive compulsive disorder, social phobia and anxiety.

Many patients who are suffering from purely psychologically-motivated urinary concerns are misdiagnosed and put into treatment for a suspected physical disorder. Of course, these patients rarely recover completely, since there is nothing being done to address the underlying emotional concerns which are actually responsible for the symptomatic expression.

Frequent Urination Advice

Urinating often, especially when trying to rest, sleep or relax is a typical emotional distractive mechanism. Social phobia might make a person feel the need to urinate when out in public and generate tremendous fear if a bathroom is not always readily available.

Excessive urinary habits can be a very limiting problem and can be difficult to treat successfully, unless the emotional causation is discovered. Many affected patients have experienced lasting relief from the urge to constantly urinate using knowledge therapy. This treatment is free of cost and risk, so it gets my thumbs up any day, when compared to the dangerous and misdirected use of drugs and more drugs to treat virtually every problematic health issue without concern for the patient's overall health or wellbeing. We are thrilled that so many of our readers have thanked us for turning them on to this natural therapy, since it cured them without the risks of poisonous drug treatment.

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