Can I Really Heal Back Pain?

Heal Back Pain

It is the goal of every patient to heal back pain completely. Or is it? Most patients will tell you that their pain is their greatest fear, worst enemy and biggest obstacle in life. It is. What would prevent a patient from doing everything possible to finally cure their pain once and for all? The answers are simple, yet complicated.

Coming to terms with unresolved pain is difficult, since we are conditioned to expect medical science to cure all our ills. When a cure eludes us, despite our best efforts, there is always a reason why. Understanding the nature of chronic pain and the explanations of why medicine has failed to provide appropriate or successful care to most sufferers is the scope of this article.

You Can Heal Back Pain Permanently

In order to truly heal, the underlying pain condition must be discovered and successfully eliminated. There is almost no actual proof that many common scapegoat conditions actually cause any pain whatsoever.

Herniated discs, osteoarthritis and degenerative disc disease are the big three when it comes to accepting the blame for most common back pain. It is ironic that these conditions are almost universal in the population and rarely cause painful symptoms in their mild to moderate forms. Of course, severe structural issues in the spine can indeed be terribly symptomatic, but these events are rare and certainly do not represent the usual patient profile. To heal back pain permanently, the causation of the pain must be identified.

Medical science still believes that most back pain is caused by some anatomical spinal abnormality. In some cases, they are right.  In others, there may be another disease process or injury elsewhere which has not yet been identified as the symptom generator.

Of course, some chronic pain is psychosomatic in nature. Doctors are not prepared to deal with this type of condition, so they simply choose to ignore the nearly undeniable facts concerning the true nature of most of these mindbody back pain conditions and find some other (often illogical) structural explanation.

This is why so many completely normal and expected spinal aging processes have been vilified as symptomatic mechanisms. For without these scapegoats for fall back on, doctors would have to tell far too many patients that they simply have no idea why the pain exists. I guess that these physicians would rather embrace unproven myths than have no answer at all.

Heal Back Pain Treatment

Ask any patient what they are doing to combat their chronic back pain and you will get lots of different answers: drugs, chiropractic, exercise, surgery.

Now ask them what they expect to get as a result. Most likely they will look puzzled. Often the reply is something like… "I want to have less pain." The patient is almost always focused on the symptoms, not the actual condition. My answer to this question was simple… I wanted to be free of all pain forever and have any contributing conditions cured forever.

A better answer is… “I want to be healthy: mind and body.”

Back pain treatment protocol keeps a patient focused on continual symptomatic relief of the condition. I would love to see doctors educate patients on the reality of their pain and the actual chances of achieving a medical cure. Unfortunately, this is not likely to occur, since many doctors do not even know this information themselves.

It is no surprise that misdiagnosis is the #1 reason for the long-term perpetuation of back ache in the majority of cases.

Heal Back Pain Truths

How do I know this is all true? I have seen the proof. It is that simple. I suffered for decades with all sorts of horrible back pain, stomach pain and other mindbody syndromes. The thought of my pain coming from anything other than the diagnosed physical causes indicated by my doctors never even crossed my mind. Why would it? I was merely the patient and the doctors are the experts, right?  Wrong.

When it comes to back ache, medical science has completely missed the point entirely. The best it can usually offer is one unreliable symptomatic treatment after another. Patients need to learn the facts. It is crucial to learn why back pain has become an epidemic. It is crucial to be critical of the system when it is failing you.

This is your life. Take charge of it and be responsible for your own healthcare choices. The more you learn about the reality of your back pain and the way that modern medicine has created a huge and profitable treatment industry, the angrier you will become. Now, turn that anger into something positive. Use the fire to propel your mind out of the dark ages of thought when it comes to health. Embrace the facts about the nature of chronic pain.

Empower yourself to get better, once and for all.

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