Does Hypnosis for Back Pain Work?

Hypnosis for Back Pain

Hypnosis for back pain is a truly alternative treatment for any form of chronic dorsal pain. Hypnosis is a therapy  that has been used for generations for many different types of health problems, both physical and psychological. A few patients have written in and reported on our back pain survey that they used hypnotherapy to successfully overcome their chronic back pain. Hypnotherapy is one of the many care practices which demonstrate widely variable results. The effectiveness of hypnosis treatment is typically directly linked to the skill of the care provider.

This essay examines the application of hypnosis for treating back ache problems.

Hypnosis for Back Pain Therapy

Hypnosis is a greatly misunderstood process. The common perception of the science is that of some type of quasi-magical procedure used most effectively in the entertainment business. We have all seen performers using hypnosis to make volunteers act out in strange and uncontrolled ways.

Hypnosis is actually the art and science of applying subconscious suggestion to the mind of a patient. By placing the patient into an altered state of consciousness, the patient becomes more receptive to accepting this subconscious guidance. Hypnosis can be used to insert information into the mind or to retrieve information and memories from the subconscious. In the case of back pain sufferers, suggestion can make them less prone to symptoms, less able to recognize the symptoms and/or less prone to suffer from emotional triggers for symptoms.

Hypnosis for Back Pain Treatment

Hypnosis can be provided by a professional hypnotist or by the patient themselves. In the treatment of back pain, hypnosis has several distinct and valuable usages:

Hypnosis can access repressed memories and thoughts causing subconscious angst. Sometimes a patient can not come to terms with symptom-inducing psychological issues without the help of hypnotherapy.

Hypnotherapy can also be used in imprint positive or curative suggestions into the mind of a patient suffering from pain. These suggestions can work against internal psychological causes and perpetuators of psychologically induced pain syndromes.

Hypnosis can be used to repudiate behavioral or diagnostic conclusions in many patients. A patient might not believe that they can stand, sit, walk, run or do any other activity without pain. Under hypnosis, they can perform all these actions with no discomfort. Video evidence of this phenomenon helps many patients to understand the actual psychological nocebo effect creating their pain.

Self Hypnosis for Back Pain

Hypnosis is greatly misunderstood, since most people do not know that many forms of the treatment exist, including self-serve practices that can be highly effectual. One does not have to be under the care of a professional to practice a form of hypnotherapy.

Many self help regimens used to improve health, performance or knowledge are types of self-hypnosis. This form of suggestion is constantly reinforced through repetition in the conscious mind till it permeates deeply into the subconscious. Knowledge therapy is considered by some to be a mild form of self-hypnosis. There are also books, cds and videos that can be used for self-hypnotherapy treatment.

Recommendations on Using Hypnosis for Back Pain

A great number of back pain conditions are caused or perpetuated by a psychosomatic process. Medical science has proven itself to be relatively ineffective at curing chronic pain, regardless of the diagnosis. Hypnosis is another alternative option that has worked wonders for many patients.

It is important to research hypnotic methods before deciding if this is a treatment that might be right for your particular type of pain. It is also crucial to work with a therapist who can use their hypnotic talents to specifically target the causes of your back pain. In cases of purely psychogenic symptoms, it is not recommended to undergo hypnotherapy just to relieve the pain, since the underlying psychological causes will continue to exist and might cause substitute symptoms elsewhere in the anatomy.

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