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Knowledge Therapy

Knowledge therapy offers the potential for a true cure for a variety of chronic pain syndromes enacted by the mindbody processes. The true psychogenic cause of many types of treatment resistant pain is often misdiagnosed as coming from a coincidental innocent scapegoat condition.

Doctors often seek to blame every type of pain, illness, disease, or degeneration on some identifiable physical source. Medical science is confident that all these health concerns come from purely structural reasons.

Of course, some conditions are caused by purely mechanical, infectious or environmental causes. However, many health concerns are dictated by a combined process of physical and psychological contributing factors. I can say for sure that although not all chronic pain syndromes are enacted by the psychosomatic process, every one has a psychoemotional aspect to it.

Remember, chronic suffering affects not only the body, but also the mind and the emotional self.

Knowledge Therapy Lessons

Knowledge therapy is real alternative medicine for back pain which seeks to inform and educate the patient about the possible mindbody nature of their symptomatic conditions. The patient will learn all about the possible inconsistencies of their diagnosis and the reasons why their pain has not responded well to treatment.

Medicine claims to know the physical reasons for many types of pain, but has been powerless to cure it. How does this make sense? The reason most treatments fail is simply because they are being directed at an incorrect source. In some cases, the actual causation may be another undiscovered anatomical issue, but in many cases, the true source may be solely psychological.

Knowledge-based therapy is the only form of treatment that works to identify and eliminate stress, emotional and psychological-based physical pain syndromes.

How Does Knowledge Therapy Work?

Information therapy is a simple concept based on logic. Logic teaches through statistical probability and conclusive evidence. Medicine claims to be scientific and verifiable, but in reality is quite inconsistent, unproven and completely clueless in many of its accepted tenets and theories.

Doctors will argue passionately that many back pain syndromes are caused by some physical condition, but will have absolutely no answer why that cause does not respond to their treatments. If the treatment is correct for the cause, and the diagnosis of the cause is accurate, then logic dictates that the condition will be cured by successful implementation of the treatment.

When it comes to common back pain, this is rarely the case. The fact remains that the back pain epidemic grows day by day and more patients enter long-term treatment every year than are ever cured.

Knowledge-based therapy teaches the patient all about the way that the subconscious mind exerts control over the physical body. We all know several well documented and accepted physical processes that are controlled by our minds. Fight or flight response is an emotionally-based series of physical changes that affects many of the body's functions. Sexual response is a physical process completely controlled by emotional desire. Anatomical responses to dreams are completely psychologically-generated physical manifestations. The list goes on and on.

However, some doctors with antiquated medical educations still will not acknowledge the power of the mind to directly influence the health of the body. Luckily, these dinosaurs are becoming harder to find, as more healthcare professionals are opening their own minds up to the ideas of mindbody medicine.

Knowledge Therapy Opinions

The mind and the body are equal parts of the human organism. The mind can affect the body for good or ill to serve its own agenda. The body is actually the soldier, the workhorse, the slave. The mind is the general, the dictator, the master.

The mind can help the body overcome physical adversity and pain. However, the body can not overcome the will imposed by the mind. 
This is logical, documented and proven.

With all this evidence supporting knowledge therapy as a potential cure for some chronic pain conditions, it is nothing short of criminal that medical science does not make further research a priority compared to perpetrating ongoing sufferings on more patients in the form of pharmaceutical nightmares and surgical tortures. What is the reason for this stubborn and antiquated thought pattern? The same cause as for many of the problems in society, science and the world in general… Economics.  $$$ is King. It can topple empires, control the masses and even short circuit logic. In the cases of back pain and general health, money has done more to perpetuate the suffering of millions in the last 50 years than it has done to cure it in the last 5000.

Remember, knowledge therapy is virtually free by comparison and traditional medical modalities, no matter how unenlightened, are huge money-makers. Now this explains quite a lot.

Our own knowledge therapy program has helped tens of thousands of people to find relief from a wide range of chronic pain disorders. It has also been awarded a variety of honors by leading medical and healthcare providers, as well as noted health organizations. 

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