Lower Back Pain Symptoms

Lower Back Pain Symptoms

Lower back pain symptoms can present a diversity of tortures for any affected patient. It is well known throughout the medical community that lower back pain is perhaps the most agonizing of all dorsopathy concerns, with patients truly enduring a living hell on Earth. To make matters worse, many sufferers must not only battle their lumbar back pain, but also a combination of symptoms including sciatica, tingling, numbness and weakness in much of their lower body region.

The combination of pain and neurological symptoms can make life an ever-more difficult and agonizing state of being for any patient. However, when the patient has to go about trying to live normally, including working and taking care of personal responsibilities, these symptoms may just push them to the brink and force them to feel, or actually become, partially or totally disabled.

Typical Lower Back Pain Symptoms

The worst symptom is truly the pain. Lower back pain can come in many forms, with patients experiencing burning pain, acute pain, shooting pain, constant pain or dull pain. There may be accompanying back muscle spasms which are the worst symptomatic expression of all.

Some patients may have weak back muscles or suffer sciatica in one or both legs, consisting of tingling, numbness or weakness in the thigh, calf, foot or buttocks. In some cases, the pain may be linked to movement or activity, while in other cases, the pain may simply be present all the time.

Chronic pain in the low back and lower body can make almost all activities impossible. I do not just mean physical pastimes, but also things most people take for granted, like sitting, standing or even sleeping.

Atypical Lower Back Pain Symptoms

Less common symptomatic expressions include itchy skin in the affected area or skin irritation. Some unfortunate patients suffer a reduction or loss in the abilities to control bowel and/or bladder function. This is a very serious consequence and may be a sign of cauda equina syndrome.

A great number of patients may lose the ability to regulate their posture and many will be bent forward or to one side, often at noticeable and frightening angles. Finally, some patients may also experience a great number of related pain syndromes, ranging from headaches to gastrointestinal concerns.

Surviving Lower Back Pain Symptoms

Acute lower back pain is unlike any other type of physical agony. People who have endured it will always fear it and dread a recurrence. The misery of a back pain flare-up is indescribable. However, as a patient who has suffered through acute and chronic pain for decades myself, I can tell you that the scars in the mind and heart never fade.

Some of you are lucky enough to only suffer dull pains and mild backache. Some of you are doomed to endure the worst symptoms including relentless spasms and debilitating episodes of all-consuming horror.

Regardless of the symptomatic expression you have, it is crucial to take an active role in the diagnosis of your condition and learn all you can to increase the chances of finding a permanent cure. Do not be passive, as this approach will sentence you to protracted periods of suffering.

I know this well, for my own inability to take control of my pain cost me the best years of my life. I am trying to rectify that now, and have been for years, but it is always an uphill battle!

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