Massage Therapists Can Help

Massage Therapists

Massage therapists are versatile complementary back and neck pain treatment providers. Massage is an excellent treatment for many forms of muscular back pain. It is also a wonderful addition to a general health maintenance program. Massage helps to metabolize cellular waste products, increase blood circulation and relax individual muscles, tendons and ligaments. Massage is also one of the oldest and most widespread of all health treatments.

Personally, I love massage, since it is a true mindbody treatment. It is soothing to the soul, as it is to the body. In patient satisfaction studies, massage therapy always ranks very high, regardless of the diagnosis for which the individual is seeking treatment.

Back Pain Massage Therapists

Many patients use massage as an alternative therapy for back pain. Patients with a herniated disc, spinal stenosis or other form of physical back pain based on spinal abnormalities often do not get much in the way of lasting relief from their massage. However, many continue to use this treatment modality, since they do enjoy the relaxation and temporary reduction in symptoms brought on by a great massage.

As long as patients are clear that the therapy is likely to be purely symptomatic, there are no ethical conflicts. However, when a therapist promises a true and lasting cure and can not deliver, then the patient may be best off seeking care elsewhere.

Types of Massage Practitioners

Each therapist has their own individual specialty. There are literally hundreds of different types of massage therapy offered throughout the world. It is important to match both the type of massage, as well as the therapist’s style, to the patient’s specialized needs.

I recommend a consultation with any proposed therapist prior to contracting them to do any actual physical body work. This way, you will know exactly what to expect and your preferences have a far greater chance of being realized.

When patients do complain about the nature of specific types of massage treatment, it is usually because they did not ask questions or do any research before contracting the session. Don’t fall into this trap. Every style of massage offers a different experience. Be sure to find one that will best benefit you and your pain.

Massage Therapist Credentials

Most areas require a therapist to be licensed in order to practice their craft as a health treatment. LMTs or licensed massage therapists are trained healthcare professionals with vast stores of anatomical knowledge.

A few of my best martial arts students have been LMTs, since they truly excel at understanding the mechanics of the physical body. Time and time again, I have consulted with a massage therapist, whenever I had a specific question on muscular anatomy.

Therapeutic Massage Practitioners

I do not get too hopeful about the benefits of massage therapy when it comes to acting as a cure for back pain. I do think it is perhaps the very best treatment for muscular symptoms. I also think it can be a valuable addition to a combined back care program.

Most of all, I endorse massage as a treat for the body and the soul. You will be surprised just how much a massage can do to make you feel better all over. You might also be surprised just how knowledgeable most LMTs really are about your body.

I recommend giving massage a try. It is sure to bring a smile to your face and at least some relief to your aching back.

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