Pilates for Back Pain Treatment

Pilates for Back Pain

Pilates for back pain is a back exercise regimen that focuses on the development of core body muscles. Core muscles are very important for the support of our spines, as well as for maintaining proper posture. The Pilates system was invented by German born Joseph Pilates. Pilates designed the various components of a program he called Contrology in the early 1900’s, right after the end of World War One. Pilates started out as a rehabilitation method and was specifically developed to help wounded soldiers during and after the war. The Pilates system is known for deep breathing exercises. It also focuses on building strong deep torso and postural muscles. These deep core muscles are often the same muscles that are affected by muscular back pain.

This essay discusses using Pilates fitness work to reduce pain and improve functionality in dorsalgia sufferers.

How Does Pilates for Back Pain Work?

Pilates uses calisthenics and unique apparatus to develop muscular strength and flexibility throughout the body. Pilates stresses perfectly controlled form when performing an exercise, rather than high repetition. Weights are not used.

The Pilates student uses their own body weight, as well as specially designed spring tension apparatus, for resistance. Therefore, when compared to traditional resistance training, using heavy weights, the chance for injury is significantly reduced.

Pilates is extremely effective for developing core muscle strength. It does not provide good overall cardiovascular exercise. It also lacks the ability to build large muscle mass or increase skeletal strength when compared to weight training.

Does Pilates for Back Pain Really Help?

Pilates can be very effective when the cause of the pain is purely muscular. Pilates is used extensively in rehabilitation programs as a means of increasing the strength, flexibility and range of motion of the postural back muscles.

Pilates develops proper posture during all movements. This knowledge will give the back pain patient a better understanding of ideal movement techniques for all day-to-day activities.

Pilates exercise is extremely challenging, regardless of the physical level of the participant. No matter how good shape you are in, Pilates can make you sweat and really test not only your body, but also your will to succeed in pushing yourself to the next level of fitness.

Results of Pilates for Back Pain

It is very important to make sure that exercise is the right treatment for your particular condition. It is wise to consult your doctor or physical therapist before starting any exercise program. It is also advised to get help when integrating Pilates into a workout routine. The movements can seem simple, but students must observe certain areas of concentration in order to do them safely and for maximum benefit. To this end, it may be best to get help from a certified Pilates instructor or professional personal fitness trainer.

Pilates is a good option for patients who suffer from chronic lower back muscle pain. Pilates will help to increase the circulation to the affected muscles and increase the strength of the muscle fibers. Pilates is not a miracle cure by any means, but is a good addition to a rehabilitative exercise program.

I have used some specific Pilates exercises for many years as part of my martial arts program. The core muscles are extremely important in martial arts training and proper development is one of the keys to success. I never had any relief from my back pain using Pilates, but my problem was not muscular in nature.

I recommend investigating Pilates as a natural treatment for some types of muscular back pain, as well as an excellent exercise method for general health and fitness.

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