Posture Therapy for Back Pain

Posture Therapy for Back Pain

Posture therapy for back pain is a common treatment modality that is often used when the patient is suspected of suffering chronic symptoms as a result of poor anatomical positioning. In some cases, poor posture is thought to be the primary underlying causation which is enacting pain, while in other cases, it is just one of several possible contributors to the symptomatic expression. While many forms of back pain therapy address postural issues, some focus on it almost exclusively as the main ingredient for successful treatment. We will examine these postural correction techniques during the course of this discussion.

This essay details postural treatment of chronic back and neck pain conditions.

What is Posture Therapy for Back Pain?

Posture therapy consists of several facets of care in the overall treatment process:

Postural assessment theorizes about the possible causes of pain through observation and evaluation of the patient in various positions and activities. Consideration of the diagnosis of any structural issues which may be causing bad posture, or anatomical abnormalities which may have developed as a result of bad posture, is a crucial step in the assessment process. 

Actual posture correction treatment consists of activity alteration, lifestyle changes, back exercises and stretching, which are all geared towards building better posture habits and strengthening up the affected region against further degeneration.Treatment may have to be adjusted to account for results, therapy-related pain or personal preferences and abilities.

Posture Therapy for Back Pain Facts

There are many back pain treatment modalities which use posture correction as part of a back pain care regimen: 

Chiropractors often recommend postural changes, while physical therapists concentrate on proper posture with almost every patient. However, Alexander therapy practitioners really utilize postural correction as one of the main methods of treating most painful complaints. If posture has been implicated in your back pain diagnosis, then consulting with a qualified Alexander therapist may be the best course of action towards finding lasting relief. However, a combined care approach to treatment, utilizing a combination of modalities, often provides the best results for patients.

There are now plenty of self-help sources that can be utilized in book form and online. These DIY source of postural therapy are inexpensive or free, making them ideal for people with limited financial resources or access to quality healthcare services. We include a great section on posture in our acclaimed book Back Exercises and Stretches, which can be found in our proven pain relief program.

Posture Therapy for Back Pain Advice

Poor posture back pain can certainly be a very real problem for some patients. However, simple lifestyle and habit changes can typically resolve these concerns 100% in a short time frame. Severe or chronic back pain issues blamed on poor posture alone are often misdiagnosed, except when there is a serious spinal abnormality, such as Scheuermann’s kyphosis, to blame. 

In many cases, the diagnosis of postural muscle imbalances is just a smoke and mirrors routine used to frighten otherwise healthy patients into long-term and highly profitable care. When in doubt, be sure to get multiple opinions on the cause of pain, especially if previous posture therapy has failed. Be sure to include opinions from a doctor of physical therapy, as well as a doctor of physical rehabilitation medicine.

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