Psychogenic Psoriasis


Psoriasis is a skin condition characterized by excessive skin cell production. Affected areas become covered with psoriatic plaques, which are raised areas of reddened and inflamed skin. There are many varieties of this abhorrent skin condition, with several possible causes, both physical and psychogenic. Like many other potential psychologically-induced pain syndromes, many cases of idiopathic plaques are caused by a mindbody process.

In cases where the patient receives treatment for the physical expression only, the symptoms may or may not respond favorably. In some instances, the condition will resist attempts at medical care. Meanwhile other patients with psychogenic skin issues will enjoy symptomatic resolution using traditional medical practices, but may suffer an alternative expression in the form of another mindbody syndrome.

This guide examines the occurrence of skin plaques that have origins in the subconscious mind.

What is Psoriasis?

The skin condition is a painful and itchy accumulation of skin cells in a specific area of the body. The red flaky patches are very uncomfortable and unsightly. They can appear almost anywhere and some patients experience symptoms on large areas of their bodies. The condition often exists in combination with other common psychosomatic syndromes.

Historical record of this skin disorder spans far back to the earliest written records. For many years, the possible cause was considered to be an immune dysfunction, but now many doctors are treating this health concern with the combined care approach of mindbody medicine.

Physically-induced cases are often caused by side effects of certain drugs or a dietary imbalance, although many cases are certainly idiopathic in nature.

Psoriatic Plaque Treatment

The three most common forms of treatment for this particular skin condition are topical lotions and salves, phototherapy and oral medications. The condition has been known to resist appropriate treatment, which reinforces a trait displayed by many psychosomatic syndromes.

Psoriatic plaques are conditions which may be best cured with a combination of physical symptomatic treatment and knowledge therapy. Other alternative treatments include dietary change, climatic change, lifestyle change and application of herbal or other organic curative substances.

Patients are advised to investigate the risk factors associated with topical and especially ingested medications used long-term. Some of these drugs are dangerous and might be worse than the skin disorder itself.

Mindbody Psoriasis

As with most psychoemotional pain conditions, this disorder seems so very “physical”. Many patients are put off by the suggestion that their chronic psoriatic plaques are actually being produced because of repressed and unresolved emotional phenomenon. However, these same patients are delighted when they receive positive curative results from knowledge therapy.

Overcoming the psychological symptom stigma is an important step in defeating any mindbody disorder. Once the emotional cause has been acknowledged and accepted, the rest of the treatment process is relatively easy.

Cases of purely physically-induced symptoms generally respond well to appropriate medical treatment and should resolve in several weeks to several months. If your skin problems persist despite physical care methods, then maybe it is time to consider addressing the potential emotional sources which may be sourcing plaques or at least contributing to them.

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