Is Psychogenic Back Pain Real?

Psychogenic Back Pain

Psychogenic back pain is a specific type of physical symptom that is completely created in the mind, but expressed in the anatomical structures. In essence, the symptom is engineered to serve a specific purpose in the mind, but can be evaluated as a purely physical pain syndrome in clinical practice. The torturous expression is the same as for any structural injury or diseases process.

This type of symptomatic expression is very common and like other forms of mindbody suffering, it is rarely correctly diagnosed by medical doctors. This misdiagnosis is yet another reason for the back pain epidemic that is currently growing worldwide.

This patient guide explains in simple terms how and why the mind would generate pain and neurological symptoms. Furthermore, we will discuss how these types of pain problems can be mitigated using risk-free psychoemotional treatments that target the underlying emotional imperatives that originate the misery.

What is Psychogenic Back Pain?

Psychogenic pain is defined as symptoms that are created by the subconscious mind, but experienced in the body. This pain is 100% real and is in no way imaginary. However, there are no organic, environmental or structural reasons for the discomfort. These symptoms are usually enacted as a defense mechanism to protect the individual from overwhelming emotional issues that are repressed by the subconscious mind.

Psychogenic describes a form of psychosomatic symptom that does not originate from a back injury or degenerative back pain process. It is crafted entirely in the confines of the mind and has absolutely no anatomical merit. Other forms of psychological back pain might have been real injuries at one time or might be slightly symptomatic physically degenerative conditions that have been perpetuated and aggrandized by the maladapted psychological process causing the pain.

Psychogenic Back Pain Concern

The majority of patients with treatment resistant or unresolved back pain will not recover. This is a sad but truthful fact. One major reason that these patients are doomed to suffer is that medical science is still in the dark ages when it comes to acknowledging, diagnosing and treating psychological pain syndromes. It is clear from treatment statistics that medicine has completely missed the point when it comes to present views on back pain and other emotionally-induced pain syndromes.

Patients need to learn the facts about back pain and stop listening to the myths of how the spine is such a fragile and delicate structure. Patients need to learn how they might have been misled by blaming all their pain on some back pain scapegoat condition, when all along the pain has been caused by their subconscious mind. When you look at this point of view, it is easy to answer the millions of patients that constantly ask: "How come no treatment seems to cure my pain?”

After all, how can a treatment directed at a mistaken physical cause cure a psychological condition? It can't and it won't.

Psychogenic Back Pain Guidance

Well at this point you are probably having one of 2 reactions to this page:

“Wow. I never thought of this possibility. This might explain why my pain has lasted so long and has fought back against all the medical treatments. I am going to investigate this possibility further.”


"This guy is nuts. I am really injured. I am insulted that he thinks my pain is all in my head. I am not crazy. I think he is crazy! I am so mad… so mad… sooo maddd… Ouch my back hurts. Hunny, get me my pills please…”

Ok, so if you are thinking the former choice, then congratulations! I recommend learning more about knowledge therapy, so that you can end your pain.

If you are thinking the latter, then maybe you are right. Maybe there is a purely structural causation for your continued suffering. It certainly can and does happen. However, what do you really have to lose by learning more anyway? There is no cost or risk involved in knowledge therapy and many patients, such as myself, and tens of thousands more, have found great wisdom in the lessons, as well as finally finding a cure.

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