Psychological Symptom Imperative

Psychological Symptom Imperative

Psychological symptom imperative is a term used to describe the need for physical symptoms created by a mindbody pain syndrome. These symptoms are not random or haphazard, but are the direct and purposeful result of the causative emotional issues that have created the pain syndrome as a defense mechanism.

Symptom imperative is the reason why so many patients either do not overcome their chronic pain or develop back pain substitute symptoms in response to successful treatment. Without addressing this imperative, pain will endure for life.

To put it simply, the symptom imperative is the underlying motivation for pain. It is the primary reason why the pain exists. You can think of it as the driving force. Recognize this factor and address it and you will be well on your way towards ending it and resolving the symptoms, hopefully forever.

Psychological Symptom Imperative Causes

Psychosomatic pain is generated by the subconscious mind to defend the individual from sensitive repressed memories, thoughts and feelings. The entire psychosomatic process is actually a protective mechanism designed to keep these emotionally-charged issues well hidden within the deep recesses of the subconscious mind.

Unfortunately, it is the nature of these issues to desire consciousness and therefore the subconscious mind must create an effective distraction to occupy the resources of the conscious mind. The distraction created is pain.

There is no better camouflage, since pain really grabs hold of the conscious thought pattern and prevents it from focusing on anything else except the immediacy of physical suffering.

Psychological Symptom Imperative Continuation

Many patients are in long-term care for coincidental back pain scapegoat conditions. This means that their pain has been misdiagnosed as coming from any number of spinal abnormalities that often exist, but rarely cause actual symptoms. In essence, the pain has been blamed on some completely innocent anatomical structure when in reality, the pain is purely psychogenic.

This is the reason why most chronic pain patients never recover. The underlying causative emotional issues have never been discovered or dealt with. They continue to exist despite many unsuccessful attempts at physical treatment. They continue to exist despite dozens of opinions from different doctors and complementary therapists. They continue to exist, causing havoc in the patient’s physical body, because no one, including the patient, gives them proper credit for being the source of any pain.

The patient is often aware of sensitive psychological issues, but does not equate them with their physical symptoms in any way. This is the fatal error.

Psychological Symptom Imperative Advice

The issues causing psychosomatic pain will rarely go away on their own. More often, they will intensify and ebb, change and adjust, evolve and continue, ad nauseum. These emotions are timeless, often going all the way back to early childhood and will not simply feel better with time.

While the body will heal from injury, the mind will not always… at least not without some focused help and concerted effort. The reason psychological pain syndromes are so incredibly successful is anonymity. No one suspects the true reason for the pain, so it continues unhindered forever.

Forever is a long, long time to be in pain.

It is crucial to understand why psychogenic pain has not responded to treatment. It is vital to understand why you have not gotten better. It is key to comprehend the power of the subconscious mind. If you can do this, you can be pain-free.

We fully explain how to stop the psychological symptom imperative in several of our innovative treatment tools in the Cure Back Pain Forever Program.

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