Psychology of Lower Back Pain

Psychology of Lower Back Pain

The psychology of lower back pain is a topic of which I am intimately acquainted. I endured horrific lower back pain for all of my young adult years and have truly been emotionally scarred by the experience. I found a cure for a few years and discovered how great life can be without the burden of chronic agony. However, I know for sure that the mental and emotional damage caused by my battle with back ache will never disappear. These psychological scars run way too deeply.

This editorial essay deals with the psychological consequences of severe lower spinal pain syndromes. If you always wondered about what it is truly like to endure chronic lumbar pain, then this discussion will provide an accurate account of the torment.

Psychology of Lower Back Pain Suffering

Suffering with lower back pain is perhaps the worst possible health condition a person might be subjected to in their lifetime. The agony can be so severe and the symptoms so fierce, that they penetrate into the mind, heart and soul. This certainly reflects my own torment by chronic lumbar back pain.

Patients who must put up with this misery day in and day out, for many years, become changed by their ordeal. Most give up hope of ever finding a real cure and a great number simply resolve themselves to a life of pain, limitation and disability. This can set the stage for depression and acute recurrent anxiety to become unwanted companions throughout life.

It is crucial to never lose sight of a possible cure, so try not to acquiesce to a life spent in symptomatic treatment. This is the acceptance of slavery. There is always hope for finding lasting relief for most patients and it is your responsibility to pursue all treatment options in your quest for a lasting cure. I know the many failed attempts can leave a sour taste in your mouth, but please, don’t give up!

Psychology of Lower Back Pain Recovery

Recovering from back pain is just as much a certain state of mind, as it is a physical, anatomical healing. Allowing yourself to be free from the burden of back ache is difficult after enduring the conditioning caused by the syndrome over the long haul. Actually thinking of yourself as healthy can make a huge difference, although it might be much harder than it first seems to be. This is particularly true when the symptoms make a return appearance, not allowing you to get away that easily.  I empathize here.

Truly beating back pain means living a normal and unrestricted life. It is crucial to lose the fear of the condition and break free from the rules and limitations you have set up for yourself. In some instances, you must stop thinking of yourself as impaired and realize that most chronic back pain may caused, worsened and perpetuated through psychoemotional processes.

This type of psychosomatic back pain is rampant and devastating, yet is actually a condition which is easily rectified using knowledge therapy. This treatment was instrumental to my survival and has been the driving force behind the resolution of countless pain syndromes in people all over the world. There is nothing to buy and no risks; so it is worth investigating for many patients.

Of course, many purely structural pain conditions also have an emotional component. Just because there is an anatomical reason for the pain, it is still super important to remember that your state of mind will influence how your body responds to the symptoms produced. Never discount the role played by the mind in all matters of health.

Psychology of Lower Back Pain Summary

I know that waking up to pain every day can wear the will to live right out of anyone. Life becomes a chore, rather than an adventure and time spent suffering seems like an eternity. I understand. The psychology of back pain is definitely the most neglected aspect of chronic symptoms and is unfortunately rarely even addressed by medical doctors.

Try to do your best to reinvigorate your interest in finding a cure. Do whatever it takes. The internet is a great place to learn so much about your diagnosed condition and various treatment options. Talk to your doctor. If you do not feel they are helpful to you, get a new physician who will better understand your needs.

Just do not ever resign yourself to a life filled with pain or that will certainly be your fate. I hope the material on The Cure Back Pain Network helps put you on the right path towards feeling better.

I would love you hear your story or feedback. You can send it to me on the back pain forum.

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