Fantasy of a Back Pain Cure

Back Pain Cure

Finding a back pain cure seems to be an easy proposition at first. Basically, go to a doctor, get a diagnosis, undergo treatment and enjoy a cure. Well, if it were that easy, there would not be hundreds of millions of people on this planet who suffer from intractable and unrelenting back pain. It is possible to find a cure for back pain. However, it is not likely to be easy, especially for patients who insist on remaining inside the strictly confined and often antiquated methods offered by the traditional medical system.

Finding a cure for back pain is the dream of many patients suffering with this life-altering misery. No one can really understand the trauma and agony of chronic pain, unless they have experienced it themselves. First hand experience with acute back pain will leave even the strongest and bravest person scarred, possibly for life. I can attest to this, as my own agony lasted for decades already and changed the person I am, inside and out.

Back Pain Cure Dilemma

The elusive cure for common back pain is harder to find than a winning lottery ticket. Medical science has worked wonders creating and improving symptomatic treatments for various pain causing conditions. However, it has done little to eliminate these conditions or find effective cures. In fact, medicine has helped to perpetuate the pain in many patients.    

The nocebo effect of a negative diagnosis is very powerful bad medicine. Combine this with the constant warnings (Be careful with your back) from care providers and family and you have one of the main reasons for the back pain epidemic.

Add to this mix the occurrence of both misdiagnosed physical and psychological back pain and you have some doctors doing as much harm as they do good. This is not opinion. It is fact.

Chronic pain is a terrible blight on the healthcare sector. More patients enter treatment each year than will ever recover. More and more treatment; less and less back pain cures.

Mindbody Back Pain Cure

An actual cure for some types of mindbody back pain does exist. It has been around for many years in fact. Why don’t we all know about this cure? It could change millions of lives for the better, right? Well, this is a complicated question, since it deals with the lack of understanding of mindbody conditions, in general, and medical science’s reluctance to take an active role in their treatment, mainly to preserve its economic bottom line.

One potential cure for many types of common back pain is knowledge therapy. Why don’t doctors realize the value of this recognized and proven treatment? Well, many do see the value, but the medical industry as a whole has fundamental problems with the concept of a psychological cure for a seemingly physical ailment.

Doctors are not traditionally trained in this type of care, and only now has the tide begum to change, with more medical schools offering education in mindbody topics. Progress is being made, since this type of care is now offered around the world in virtually every cancer care center, chronic pain treatment facility and in other therapy arenas, as well. It took traditional medicine some time, but finally, they are catching up to research science.

Back Pain Cure Conspiracy?

By accepting knowledge therapy as a legitimate alternative cure for back pain, medicine is acknowledging that it has been wrong about the true nature of many diseases and conditions.

Most doctors see the human body as a machine and themselves as engineers who can fix physical defects in the machine. By accepting a psychological cure that works to eliminate a physical problem, doctors are giving the message that the body is definitely controlled by the mind. This is not the idea that is taught in medical school, nor is it good for the economy of the medical industry.

What if 75% of the back pain patients were to suddenly get completely well? What would happen to the multi-billion dollar back pain treatment industry? It seems that economic motivation is certainly a root cause of medicine’s resistance to accepting psychological back pain as one of the most common forms of chronic dorsopathy.

It is much easier to blame many completely normal and often non-symptomatic conditions for the huge volume of back pain complaints, such as disc and bone abnormalities. These conditions are often blamed for causing the majority of chronic back pain. However, the reality of many of these irregularities is that they may be merely coincidental to the pain. They might be perfect scapegoats and nothing more.

This statement received considerable support from recent revisions to diagnostic guidelines issued by major medical organizations. These revisions caution doctors not to assume that any structural issue found during diagnostic testing is symptomatic. Furthermore, it warned that most spinal abnormalities are innocent of all blame for sourcing chronic pain.

Back Pain Cure Ideology

The medical system will eventually change. Ideas come in and out of vogue. Nothing stays in fashion forever. There are far too many professionals working in the relatively new field of mindbody medicine to deny the truth for much longer. Someday soon, medicine will view the link between the mind and the body as simply undeniable. Science changes, times change, attitudes change.

At one time, the world was flat, bleeding was the accepted medical treatment for disease and the sun revolved around the earth. We have come a long way since then, but how much farther do we really have to go? A long, long way.

Remember, not all back ache is caused by a mindbody process. Some cases are 100% anatomically-induced. However, every condition of health, disease or injury is influenced by the interactions of the mind and body.

In all cases, an increase in the use of mindbody treatment will help patients, regardless of the true source of suffering. These therapies have been proven to reduce the effects of pain, even when that symptoms are definitively physical. No risk, no side effects. Compare these positive attributes to drug therapy and understand why change must continue to occur now. Mindbody medicine might not be a back pain cure in all cases, but at least it is a step in the right direction.

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