Woes of Working with Back Pain

Working with Back Pain

Working with back pain is a burden that can break patients under external and self-imposed pressures. Back pain is one of those all-consuming tortures which affects the mind, body and spirit of every person who suffers beneath its ruthless heel.

While it is a necessary evil to hold a job in order to take care of oneself and provide for one’s family, working with the added burden of chronic pain can become a nearly impossible ordeal which might just become an seemingly eternal nightmare of agony and stress. It is no surprise that a great number of patients cite anxiety over their ability to work in the future as a primary concern directly related to a chronic back pain condition.

Working with Back Pain Out of Necessity

Back pain is a very misunderstood modern health crisis. While it is certainly possible to experience purely structural symptoms resulting from injury and degenerative processes, these types of pain generally respond well to appropriate treatment options. In these cases, work or career aspirations might have to be put on hold, but will generally resume once the painful complaint has been resolved.

Patients with chronic unresolved back pain have dealt with long-term symptoms which have not improved despite multiple attempts at curing the misery. These are the people who have a really tough time adjusting to living a full and productive life with the added heft of back pain weighing down on their shoulders. While the pain is unrelenting, the needs of life go on, necessitating work, regardless of physical ability, emotional desire or cognitive clarity. Remember, chronic symptoms enact severe psychological effects which literally take the fight out of most patients immediately or eventually.

Working with Back Pain Dilemma

Most people with chronic pain actually want to work, but discover that for some reason, their back pain gets worse during expected work activities. If you must sit to work, then sitting is mostly a problem for you. The same might apply if you must stand, walk or perform repetitive motion tasks at your job. These are certainly not people with an agenda to be lazy, nor are these people enjoying secondary gain from their pain.

One of the common reasons for work-related back pain is an underlying psychosomatic symptom imperative related to some painful or troubling emotional issues. These issues may or may not be directly tied to work, but regardless, their symptomatic expression makes work a dismal experience and sometimes, a veritable trial by fire.

Patients with work-related conditions must choose to cope with their back pain and go on working or risk failing in life by simply giving in to the pain and acquiescing to a life of partial or even total disability. The emotional consequences of either decision are severe and can lead to a case of problematic back pain depression.

Working with Back Pain Experiences

Finding a solution to the problem of working with back pain is difficult. The priority should always be ending the symptoms once and for all, rather than finding strategies to deal with the overbearing daily burden. Finding the time and resources to accomplish a real cure can be difficult, as your letters, emails and case studies have truly proven.

I understand what it is like to work with back pain. At the worst of my pain, I was holding 4 separate jobs and working my fingers to the bone. I was truly burning the candle at both ends and looking back, realize the huge pressures of my career aspirations were a contributing factor to my suffering.

Knowledge therapy may provide some valuable insight on how to recognize and resolve the underlying factors which are at the heart of many work-related chronic pain complaints. The best part of this particular treatment is the cost (free) and the fact that you can control when, where and how you apply it to your own life. Understanding the principles of knowledge therapy can take the power away from the pain and help place you in control of your own life once again. This is a benefit which can not be underestimated.

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