Is My Allergy Caused by My Mind?


An allergy can be caused by purely physical or psychological factors, as well as a combination of both aspects of the mindbody connection working together. Medical science has shown a clear relationship between psychological issues and the incidence of allergic reactions.

People may have a natural sensitivity to some environmental substances, but the extent of their reaction is often dependent upon an often controllable psychological process. This fact helps to clarify the question asked by so many doctors and patients: "Why are certain people susceptible to allergens and others are not?"

This focused dialog concentrates on uncovering the inherent relationship between the subconscious mind and the occurrence of common allergic reactions to a wide range of substances.

What is an Allergy?

Allergic reactions are products of an overactive immune system.  A person can develop hypersensitivity to one or more substances called allergens.

Allergies are one of the most common of all psychosomatic conditions, with approximately 20% to 25% of the world’s population displaying some form of recurrent symptoms.

Some of the most common allergens are dust, pollen, animal hair and dander, foods and mold spores. However, people can be allergic to almost anything, including seemingly non-reactive and inert substances. This evidence also helps to substantiate the possibility of a purely mindbody process enacting symptoms in some cases.

Allergic Reactions

Every individual has a slightly different reaction to being exposed to their particular allergen. The most common response involves some or all of the following symptoms: localized inflammation, red and watery eyes, sneezing and/or irritated sinuses, skin rash, hives and possible anaphylaxis.

Anaphylactic shock is a system wide allergic reaction experienced by people with severe hypersensitivity to an allergen. This condition can cause long-term health problems, the inability to breathe, cardiac arrest and even death. Obviously, acutely allergic people must take precautionary steps to prevent serious health consequences if and when they are ever exposed to their dreaded allergens.

Psychosomatic Allergy Relationships

Doctors have many theories on the causes of allergic reactions. There are many physical causation theories, but these rules can not be applied to all allergic reactions. Physical causes suspected in one type of allergy do not apply to other types. One factor that does seem common to all allergies is a psychological influence on the immune system. In essence, sure there is a physical sensitivity, but why? What causes it?

Hypnosis has been used to prevent allergic reactions in patients with many different hypersensitivities. The patient is given a subconscious hypnotic suggestion that a particular allergen is not harmful to them and then exposed to that allergen. Previously, exposure would have caused a reaction in this patient, but after hypnosis, there was no reaction at all. This is proof that the subconscious can prevent allergic reactions, so it makes perfect sense that it can also cause them.

Allergy Assistance

I suffered from mild allergies as a child, including penicillin and pollen. I never experienced a severe reaction and therefore this psychological pain syndrome did little to distract me from any repressed issues. The inefficiency of my allergies caused greater and more ferocious psychosomatic pain to appear as I got older. Eventually, back pain became the condition that finally accomplished the goal of attracting my conscious attention 100%. The funny part is that as my subconscious realized that my allergies were doing little to prevent my conscious mind from stumbling over these repressed emotional issues, my hypersensitivity to allergens ended.

Digestive tract sensitivity took over for allergies and back pain took over for stomach problems. This was the cycle of my psychosomatic pain. The best proof that my allergic reactions were psychologically induced is that I am no longer allergic to anything. I have not had a reaction in over 20 years. To me, this is proof positive of the link between allergies and the vast powers of the subconscious mind.

It is important to know that people who demonstrate susceptibility to allergens can actively combat their affliction using a variety of practices commonly known as knowledge therapy. This psychoemotional treatment denies the subconscious mind anonymity in creating these bogus physical distractions and helps to discover the underlying emotional imperatives that fuel the need for such expressions.

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