Chronic Digestive Tract Sensitivity

Digestive Tract Sensitivity

Digestive tract sensitivity is a typical complaint which can be directly caused by conscious or subconscious emotional stresses. Many common chronic stomach and intestinal problems are usually indicators of some sort of repressed emotional issues. The subconscious mind often uses these patterned pain syndromes to distract the conscious mind from these sensitive hidden emotions.

Back pain patients statistically have a high occurrence of both simultaneous and substitution stomach pain symptoms. Although almost everyone knows that conscious stressors can cause an upset stomach, very few people consider the possibility that chronic gastrointestinal concerns are actually rooted in emotional sensitivities and conflicts which have been buried deeply in the subconscious mind.

This treatise examines the mindbody component to gastrointestinal problems and how these issue can be cured without pharmaceutical or surgical intervention.

Digestive Tract Sensitivity Causes

Occasionally, these disturbing gastric tract symptoms are created by some actual physical disease process or structural defect. It is important to see a qualified physician for a thorough evaluation of any unexplained symptoms. However, in cases where no underlying physical factor is definitive, many of the stomach and intestinal pain syndromes are directly related to repressed emotional stress.

Chronic pain symptoms are a daily occurrence for many patients. Their agony is idiopathic and is in effect at all times. In other patients, these psychological pain syndromes are triggered by specific occurrences, such as ingestion of a particular food. Even though the trigger is an actual physical event, the pain can still be psychogenic.

Basically the subconscious has convinced the conscious mind that some specific event or activity will create the expected symptoms. This is an example of the internal nocebo effect, also known as self suggestion, programming or conditioning.

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Digestive Tract Sensitivity Conditions

The following are the most common of all digestive disorders, all of which can have its source imperative exist within confines of the subconscious mind:

Nausea is a general term for feeling sick to one's stomach. Symptoms might be alleviated or exacerbated by eating or drinking.

Irritable bowel syndrome is an especially serious form of lower gastrointestinal dysfunction often involving cramping and recurrent bouts of diarrhea.

Chronic diarrhea can become a major health threat and is always a limiting factor on living a normal and unrestricted life.

Constipation prevents people from voiding their bowels for days or even weeks at a time.  

Indigestion and heartburn are often associated with gastritis, esophageal dysfunction and GERD.

Lactose intolerance, fructose intolerance and food allergies are all contributing factors to the above conditions and can be also part of the mindbody programming process.

Loss of appetite or overactive appetite are common consequences of many digestive woes, leading to weight loss or gain in many patients.

Digestive Tract Sensitivity Solutions

I suffered from a variety of digestive tract disorders for most of my life. I remember some symptoms going back to my childhood and many still endure, on rare occasion, to this day. My biggest digestive complaint used to be my nonsensical sensitivity to foods that I ate regularly. I could eat the same exact food 4 times a week, and half the time, it would make me ill. It defied logic and also a variety of allergy tests.

I endured digestive disorders throughout my back pain experience. For decades, I suffered with alternating back pain and stomach discomfort. When one was particularly acute, the other would improve or disappear completely. Looking back, I realize that my back and stomach pain were substitute symptoms both trying to achieve the same distractive goal.

Knowledge therapy has been useful in helping to relieve the physical and psychological symptoms associated with both types of suffering in my case.  Since my stomach problems disappeared almost completely. I can now eat anything and everything with no problems. Actually, I found out that once the psychological imperative was gone, I have an iron stomach. I have really branched out in my culinary tastes since then and have enjoyed my world travels more than ever.

Based on my own experiences, as well as the many stories you have sent me, I can say that using knowledge therapy is one of the most effective treatments for ongoing gastrointestinal issues without the burden of any side effects or health risks whatsoever.

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