Dr. Michael Cohen

Dr. Michael Cohen D.C., D.Ac. is the Director of the Allen Road Mind Body Clinic. Dr. Cohen is not only a chiropractor, but is also a well known and respected classically trained acupuncturist.

Michael Cohen embraces true mindbody medicine and provides treatment which is ideal for defeating chronic pain. Unlike many doctors, Dr. Cohen places an emphasis on educating every patient as to the causes of their pain, as well as making sure they completely understand their diagnosis.

He cites the importance of this if the patient is to take an active role in healing themselves, which is a major concept involved in his practice philosophy.

Dr. Michael Cohen Education

Michael A. Cohen began his education earning a B.Sc. from the University of Toronto with a focus in psychology and philosophy. He studied abroad for his acupuncture degree, which as granted by Kalibowila hospital in Sri Lanka.  Finally, Dr. Cohen earned his D.C. from Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College.

Michael Cohen brings 20 years of clinical experience to the table and has studied and practiced his craft in many countries of the world including China, India, Sri Lanka, the Amazon and Tibet. This international experience has greatly expanded his ability to view mindbody health from a multicultural perspective.

Dr. Michael Cohen Practice

Besides his own active chiropractic and acupuncture practice in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Dr. Michael A. Cohen is also the acting director of Workplace Health Services Inc. and a frequent guest lecturer at the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College on Mind-Body Healing research.

Dr. Cohen has written a book titled “Feel It? Heal It! Relieve Your Pain Naturally” (ISBN: 0-9736565) and is the developer of the Acuball, a patented and widely distributed product geared towards self massage and acupressure treatment.

Michael Cohen has worked with members of The National Hockey League and The National Basketball Association, as well as The National Ballet of Canada.

Dr. Michael Cohen's Acuball

Dr. Cohen sent me one of his Acuballs years ago and I still have it today. This product is revolutionary in that it is simple, effective, fairly priced and actually does what it claims. Best of all, The Acuball reinforces Dr. Cohen’s own philosophies by proving that people can take active roles in helping themselves to become pain free.

In fact, Dr. Cohen encourages his own patients to use the product, even if this means they will be less reliant on him! This is the type of enlightened attitude which is so rare in the realm of back pain care!

The Acuball was recently featured on the Dr. Oz show and was rated as a “Must Have” for back and neck pain. The Acuball was also reviewed by Dr. Andrew Weil and Dr. Cohen was named a “like minded practitioner” by Andrew Weil.

Dr. Michael Cohen Contact

Allen Road Mind Body Clinic
619 Lawrence Ave. West
Toronto, Ontario
M6A 1A8
416 784-4000

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