Dr. Roger Gietzen

Dr. Roger Gietzen

Dr. Roger Gietzen is a tension myositis care provider who demonstrates a real interest in propagating the field of mindbody medicine.

Dr. Gietzen is a classically trained physician who understands that the body is far more than just a complex machine. This is precisely why he uses his training to help those with a wide range of problematic conditions, including TMS and other mindbody concerns.

Dr. Gietzen also has experience in pain management, including the administering of fluoroscopy guided epidural injections.

Roger Gietzen M.D. Training

Roger Gietzen earned his Bachelors of Science in Biology from the University of Michigan.

He went on to receive his medical degree from The Wayne State University College of Medicine and interned at The William Beaumont Hospital.

Dr Gietzen furthered his specialization by completing a residency in Neurology at The University of Utah.

Dr. Gietzen has held positions as the Director of the Stroke Program, the Head of the Neurology Department and the Director of the Neurophysiology Lab, all at Northern Michigan Hospital. He has also enjoyed working in a private neurology practice.

Dr. Roger Gietzen Interests

Roger Gietzen is interested in a variety of activities which complete him as a well rounded person. He enjoys backcountry camping and skiing, cooking, mountain biking, yoga, gardening, parenting and working with children. He also acted as the general contractor for the construction of his own energy efficient home, demonstrating a concern for the environment, as well.

I correspond often with Dr. Gietzen and find him to be extremely sincere in his desire to help others, even at the cost of his economic bottom line. In the medical community, this type of unselfish attitude is certainly a breath of very fresh air indeed! I wish him well in his new TMS care practice.

Dr. Gietzen Contact Information

Roger Gietzen, M.D.
1460 Walton Blvd, Ste 200
Rochester Hills, MI 48309
Email: rgietz@hotmail.com

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