Dr. Andrew Weil, Medical Pioneer

Dr. Weil

Dr. Andrew Weil graduated from Harvard Medical School and went on to become one of the most influential doctors and authors in the field of mindbody medicine. His books have been international best sellers and his websites have given him the ability to share his ideas with millions of lucky patients.

Dr. Andrew Weil makes a strong case for the power of the mind and body to work together and overcome almost any obstacle. He has demonstrated that seemingly miraculous cures for back pain (and other conditions) can result from a proper balance of physical mental emotional health.

Andrew Weil has written extensively on the subject of mind body spirit integration and how the emotions can affect a person's general health for better or for worse. Dr. Weil is an avid supporter of knowledge therapy.

This short dialog profiles a man who has changed the way society thinks about health and wellness for the better. He has opened peoples' eyes to the truth that the body is just part of the overall health condition and has selflessly shared his vast knowledge to the benefit of humankind.

Dr. Andrew Weil Career

Andrew Weil has also had his share of controversy, particularly with his stance on many substances which might be classified as illicit drugs. He has advocated the use of many controversial substances, despite legal restrictions, citing a variety of benefits and typically far less downside than comparable pharmaceutical drugs offered commonly throughout society. He has taken the idea of using natural substances for health treatment to an entirely new level in his research and teachings.

Dr. Weil is also actively involved with other aspects of comprehensive healthcare, including integration of a balanced diet and fitness activities into the lives of his readers and patients. Andrew Weil is about as close to a holistic healer as possible, since he seems to truly consider all aspects of health and not just those which stand out in patients with obvious injury or disease.

The Bottom Line on Dr. Weil

Dr. Andrew Weil has proven that with great passion and determination, a doctor can be raised in the traditional system, yet branch out to accomplish far more from a holistic point of view than a typical medical education could ever provide the tools to achieve. He has certainly forged his own path through life and career and has become one of the most famous and recognizable faces in healthcare.

I support many of the teachings of Dr. Andrew Weil and would recommend him as an expert on treating all types of injuries and illness. Anyone, young or old, sick or healthy, can benefit greatly from his ideas. His book Spontaneous Healing is an excellent source of information and inspiration for anyone interested in mindbody medicine. However, all his writings are excellent and can help everyone find balance in their lives, as well as discover the ideal methods to optimize their health.

You can find virtually all of his literary works in your local library .

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