EFT for Back Pain Practices

EFT for Back Pain

EFT for back pain is an alternative mindbody treatment which has shown promise in many patients. EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Techniques and is the brainchild of founder Gary Craig. I have recently spent a considerable amount of time learning about this interesting concept in therapy. Although controversial and unproven medically, tapping may be worth investigating for some patients with certain varieties of chronic pain conditions. After all, there are no risks and really no costs inherent to the therapy. This sets EFT upon a unique pedestal in terms of allowing potential benefits without the considerable downside associated with drugs or surgery.

This discussion investigates how EFT works and provide a complete accounting of its pros and cons for consideration.

What is EFT for Back Pain?

Emotional Freedom Techniques are a form of knowledge therapy, much akin to basic psychotherapy. The treatment can be self-administered or can be provided by an EFT expert. There are EFT practitioners from a wide range of diverse professions, from doctors and physical therapists to massage therapists and reiki practitioners to psychologists and counselors. Self treatment requires only a basic knowledge of the techniques and can be very empowering for any affected back pain patient. Obviously, self therapy is also far more economical.

EFT is commonly called tapping, since that is an inherent part of the therapy. Participants delve into their minds to find problematic thoughts and feelings and respond to these emotional blockages by developing and reciting affirmations geared towards solving the troublesome issues. While reciting the phrases, participants tap gently on a series of pressure points (also called acupuncture points, or in this case, acupressure points). These physical manifestations of the treatment are designed to clear blockages in the body’s energy system and relate directly to the ideas fostered by Traditional Chinese medicine.

EFT for Back Pain Effectiveness

EFT is not a pure form of knowledge therapy, but it is related. There is a focus on the psychoemotional self as the source of pain and the physical treatments are designed to reinforce the emotional work being done to resolve the issues. EFT has grown in popularity at a startling rate, with a variety of professionals offering EFT services as part of a combined care program.

Curative statistics are not well defined from independent investigational studies, but many people report excellent results from EFT for a variety of painful complaints, emotional problems and simply as a method to enrich the experience of life. There certainly seems to be no downside to the treatment or inherent health risks of any type.

EFT for Back Pain Conclusion

Tapping can seem a bit strange to people when they first learn about the treatment. However, the concept is based on thousands of years worth of effective pain control and health sustaining techniques offered by the Asian healing arts. The blend of physical applications and emotional work is appealing to many who see the inherent problems with most medical back pain treatments, but are not completely ready to make a leap into a purely psychological modality, such as real knowledge therapy.

I have seen EFT in action and was impressed by the ease of use and the overall care and positive attitude displayed by providers. Given the right circumstances, EFT may be a valuable addition to any treatment program for ongoing pain and may actually be the answer to providing a real cure for a few lucky people.

Read an interview with Nicolas Ortner, creator of the EFT film "Try It On Everything" on our page titled: Tapping for Back Pain.

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