Do I Need TMS Psychotherapy?

TMS Psychotherapy

TMS psychotherapy is recommended for patients unable to cure their tension myositis syndrome symptoms on their own or after a professional lecture series and support meetings with a qualified TMS doctor.

Patients with psychological back pain often require professional assistance and guidance in order to fully understand the underlying reasons for their symptomatic expressions. Psychotherapy is nothing to fear and can truly help a person improve their life in many aspects, including physical health.

The usual process of recovering from psychosomatic pain involves utilizing knowledge therapy books and other self-help methods, such as introspection and journaling. If this is not enough, many patients will seek help from a TMS doctor, such as John Sarno. These providers offer personal consultations, lectures and group get-togethers to help patients further their knowledge of what it takes to beat tension myositis once and for all.

If these approaches still do not bring relief, the patient is often advised to meet regularly with a trained TMS psychotherapist in order to receive the help they need to get to the bottom of the deeply buried emotional sensitivities driving their symptom imperatives. It is crucial to choose a therapy provider who fully understands and embraces TMS care if the patient is to optimally benefit from the analytical sessions.

TMS Psychotherapy Guidance

Dr. Sarno states that the majority of TMS patients can completely cure themselves simply by studying knowledge therapy books and by attending TMS lectures. Of the remaining patients that still have symptoms, group meetings can usually bring about an end to their chronic pain.

Some patients, however, need further measures in order to conquer their tormenting pain syndromes. These patients are advised to begin psychotherapy for TMS. The patient will be referred to a known and trusted therapist who works closely with Sarno, or another TMS doctor, when this is at all possible. However, there are also many independent therapists worldwide who offer this type of psychological treatment, even when no TMS doctor is nearby. For many patients, this availability of care may provide the hope they need to end their chronic suffering.

TMS Psychotherapists

Psychotherapists who work with tension myositis patients need to understand the mechanics of mindbody interaction. Many patients have already been through psychotherapy at some point but have found no relief from their painful symptoms. This is because the therapist did not equate the pain with the emotional issues discussed in session. It is crucial to use a TMS savvy therapist if you expect to find physical pain relief during your therapy program.

If the therapist has a chance to actually study with Dr. Sarno personally, then all the better. However, it is vital to know that many psychotherapists also have TMS themselves and fully comprehend the recovery process, since they endured it as a patient prior to helping others professionally.

TMS Psychotherapy Verdicts

I was originally able to cure my psychological back pain without any individual or group therapy. I consider myself extremely lucky and blessed in this regard. I also thank God that there are talented and knowledgeable professionals who can assist patients who continue to struggle with their symptoms.

I have interviewed many patients who have used psychological counseling to rid themselves of TMS and other psychological pain syndromes. I am also fortunate enough to live in New York, which is home to Dr. Sarno and is the official TMS Center of the Universe.

When my symptoms returned, I tried the TMS psychotherapy approach myself. I was not sure how much of my new pain was physically-motivated and how much was psychoemotionally-induced. I attended some of Dr. Sarno's group classes and then met with one of his most trusted therapists. While she was great, I simply could not afford the unbelievable price tag of over $200 a weekly session. At the time, one of my biggest life stresses was the sudden loss of my job, which was known to all, making the prohibitive financial burden of therapy terribly cruel to endure.

There was talk for months of a group therapy program and I was contacted on several occasions as progress moved towards this goal. However, the program never did materialize and this left me, and many other patients, stranded without hope. This failure to institute an organized and affordable program of therapeutic assistance is one of the Sarno team's biggest failures to date.

I would recommend trying the services of an experienced mindbody therapist for the resolution of stubborn psychosomatic pain. Remember that a great number of cases of unresolved back pain are actually caused by some psychological process. These pain conditions will never end through physical treatment. The only true cure is knowledge therapy and psychotherapy might just be an important part of that cure for you.

I wish I could report more on this subject, but given my own disappointing experiences, I can only speculate as to the value this program may have. On a separate, but related note, I make the recommendation to all TMS providers that if they recommend psychotherapy to patients, they should have an affordable program in place. Not covering this base is yet another cross to bear for patients who might be at their proverbial breaking point already. I do not think patients should have to choose between putting food on the table for their family or going to TMS psychotherapy. Do you?

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