Recovering from
Psychosomatic Back Pain

Recovering from Psychosomatic Back Pain

Recovering from psychosomatic back pain is not usually a difficult process once a correct diagnosis of the condition is achieved. The hardest part of defeating any psychosomatic pain syndrome is coming to the realization that the condition is indeed caused by a mindbody process. Once this is done, the patient must repudiate the physical diagnosis they have received and accept that their pain is caused completely by their subconscious mind.

If these simple criteria can be met, the rest of the cure is relatively easy. Unfortunately, the idea of truly holistic care is almost unheard of in the medical sector. Doctors engineer the physical body and basically ignore the mind, unless there are obvious signs of psychosis. I have met few doctors who understand the psychosomatic process, forget about actively include it in their list of potential causes of back pain.

This essay provides a primer on recuperating from any mindbody health issue, such as psychogenic back pain.

Recovering from Psychosomatic Back Pain Process

Knowledge therapy is the most effective treatment for psychological back pain. Any relief given by a physical treatment will either be the result of a placebo effect or a temporary symptomatic therapy.

Symptomatic back pain treatment is common in the profit-driven back pain industry, despite the fact that it is a poor application of the healing arts in most circumstances. A doctor should always work towards curing a patient, rather than enslaving them with a long lasting regimen of endless treatments which might improve the symptoms, but do nothing to resolve the underlying cause of the pain. Luckily, knowledge therapy is a simple patient-controlled treatment which is free, both from economic cost and from negative side effects.

Recovering from Psychosomatic Back Pain Methods

There is no need to choose too carefully when it comes to sources of knowledge therapy. All of them are helpful and inexpensive or even free. You can never have too much knowledge and you never know where you might find a tidbit of information which can assist you in making a major breakthrough in ending your pain.

Much has been written on the subject of curing psychosomatic pain by such wonderful authors as Dr. Andrew Weil, Dr. Candice Pert, Dr. John Sarno and many, many others.

Even your pal Sensei Adam has written a book explaining how to resolve the emotional sources of symptoms from a patient’s own point of view. It began the program that would eventually form our complete pain relief system. Basically, you could buy almost every book on the subject for less than the cost of a single doctor visit. You can also find many at the local library for free.

Professionals who write about this particular topic in medicine are certainly not in it for the money, that’s for sure. Physical back pain treatment is a far more profitable bu$ine$$.  Mindbody care is a labor of love.

Recovering from Psychosomatic Back Pain Finale

Personally, I still swear by Healing Back Pain as my personal favorite source of knowledge therapy. I think this book can be used effectively to cure any psychosomatic pain condition, regardless of the anatomical target. I tried to keep this valuable idea of universal application in my mind as I wrote my own book, as well. Simply substitute the location of your own particular pain (knee pain, hip pain or shoulder pain, for example) for the words back pain, and off you go.

The best part of knowledge therapy is that it can and should be applied to all aspects of health and disease. You will soon realize that you have far more control over your physical health than you ever imagined. You will no longer panic at every little pain and will be able to overcome injury and illness much faster than before.

Learning how to integrate mindbody interaction into your daily life is a valuable skill.  Remember this as you pursue your own cure for whatever condition troubles you. 

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