Acute Back Pain Strikes You Down

Acute Back Pain

Acute back pain is the most fitting definition of pure torture. Acute symptoms anywhere the back can be debilitating and thoroughly incapacitating. Words really can not describe the worst types of acute flare-ups which can bring any patient to their knees (literally and figuratively) in an instant.

Acute attacks in the lower back are the most common and are hellish to endure. Most patients suffer spasms in the postural muscles which define pain at a whole new level. Many can not stand, walk or even move without increasing waves of misery washing over them. Other patients may have acute symptoms in the upper or middle back, typically between the shoulders. This may be slightly less disabling in the legs, but makes use of the arms impossible. Acute neck pain which comes on so quickly and horribly will make even the smallest movement seem like an ordeal.

This resource section is devoted to explaining and providing help for acute back pain expressions.

Acute Back Pain Experience

Acute means pain which comes on suddenly and severe. Acute back pain does come on fast and often unpredictably. If you have ever experienced it, you can certainly vouch for the severe part. Acute pain is often described by patients as: "My back went out". This was a common experience for me over the many years I suffered with acute, then chronic back pain. Life became very unpredictable and making long-term plans was difficult. I never knew when my back would go out and leave me unable to do much of anything. During periods of acute symptoms, there is not much a patient can do. It is almost impossible to find a comfortable position, so “just resting” is not an option.

My personal pain evolved over many years. When I first experienced acute back pain, the experience lasted about 2 months. The feeling was like a wire was attached to my lower spine. When I sat down, or when I moved my head , the wire would pull violently on my lumbar spine.  The pain was excruciating.

After I herniated 2 discs, the pain became different. It was more of a hot burning pain that completely destroyed my posture. The feeling was as if someone were sticking me with a red hot spear, right through my lower back. It made me feel as if there was a physical pushing that was driving my pelvis forward. I found it next to impossible to function when this pain flared up, since I could barely stand up, sit down or even recline comfortably.

After I injured my back severely the second time, the pain had evolved to a completely different level. The waves of back muscle spasm that came were unbearable. The feeling was as if someone had their hands inside of my spine, crushing my vertebrae and nerves. It felt as if the muscles were choking themselves to death and I really wondered if it was possible to die from the pain. I would have preferred death to the reality of living with that kind of misery.

Remember, I have 4 black belts in martial arts. I have been hurt severely many times during my training. I am not a baby. Nevertheless, this last type of acute back pain brought me to tears and checked me into the hospital. It was nightmarish.

Acute Pain Topics

Acute dorsalgia pain can be further explored in the following topical essays:

Acute coccyx pain is often due to falling on the tailbone.

Acute middle back pain is generally muscular in nature, although this is far from an absolute rule.

Acute upper back pain  can be experienced bilaterally between the shoulders or under either shoulder blade unilaterally.

Acute neck pain rivals the worst back pain and might prevent the patient from mobilizing their head.

Stabbing back pain describes sharp focused pain in a specific location.

Acute lumbar back pain is certainly the most common variety of severe spinal expression.

Acute lower back pain often involves sciatica symptoms, in addition to the burning lumbar agony.

Looking for some acute low back pain advice? Learn how to deal with acute pain in the lower spinal regions and better cope with the torture.

Acute Back Pain Causes

Acute symptoms can start from many different causes. An injury is the most likely cause of sudden back pain. A healthy back can be hurt due to trauma, such as an auto accident or fall. Sports injuries are also common causes of acute back pain. These injuries are often muscular in nature. Muscular back pain can be horribly painful, but usually heals in a short time without any real treatment necessary for most cases.

Sometimes a degenerative condition develops that may cause a sudden wave of acute symptoms. Degenerative disc disease, spinal arthritis and herniated discs can all be rather tame, but then suddenly flare up. This unpredictable type of pain is both physically and emotionally draining for the patient. Life becomes an cruel game of hide and seek, with the back ache always winning.

Acute pain is often the result of a psychological process. If an emotional issue or stress threatens a person psychologically, the result can be psychosomatic back pain. This agony might come on suddenly, and without provocation, or might take advantage of a physical trigger. A trigger is a physical event that appears to cause the pain, yet it is only coincidental. The subconscious mind perceives the event as potentially damaging to the back and uses it as an opportunity to start a convincing display of psychological symptoms. People often report this occurrence from opening a stuck window, bending to pick something up, twisting at the waist, or even something as innocent as sneezing. The process is simple. The muscles are already so tight from the emotional stress, that almost any movement will set off a series of muscle spasms. The trigger is merely a convenient scapegoat.

Acute Back Pain Assistance

Acute pain is a true horror. However, it can go away as quickly as it comes on. Do not think that you will be incapacitated for days, weeks or months during an attack of acute back pain. I was amazed that my own worst attack of acute torment only lasted a couple of weeks.

It may be best to try to move around and test the condition daily. It is wise to keep a positive mental state, even though the pain will make that difficult. Concentrate on the back ache going away and stay relaxed. Stressing over the consequences of the flareup (missing work, etc.) will only make the condition worse.

Try to avoid regular usage of strong prescription pain killers. Try other forms of pain relief such as acupuncture, ice or topical analgesics. Remember that holistic treatments will be better for your general health.

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